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  1. AAB Pluto B20 StatusBus Slaves

    Hi all, First post in a long time. I have a ABB Pluto Safety PLC B20. I"m trying to monitor several doors via the StatusBus feature. I'm unable to see the slaves on the status bus. I  have IQ0.10 Set for StatusBus but when I try to search them nothing shows up. Does anyone have any experience with this? I have it wired according to a wiring diagram sent from our supplier and I've crossed referenced to the manual from ABB.  Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all.    I'm trying to do a 24 hour trend on a  Panelview 1000. Version 5.  All seems well but it's only tracking about 3 hours not 24 hours which is how I have it set up. I'm using panelview Studio ver9 and saving it as ver5. Is there something that could be getting lost in the downgrade that would cause the trending time to change?? Does Ver 5 allow for 24 hour trending?   Thanks in advance