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  1. @Wasan I will do as you recommend and i will show you a test result hope someday i can help you  thank you for your kindness and support  
  2. Hi, First as i know we can communication in MODBUS RTU as summary below 1.FX series, FX3U-485ADP-MB + ADPRW instruction  2.Q series, QJ71C24 <Serial interface module>+ Pre-defined protocol  3.Q series, QJ71MB91<Modbus interface module Three thing upper, i think it will ok   The question is  1> FX series, Cloud we use < Serial communication only not Modbus adapter> + RS instruction to do Modbus and How to do that.                              2>Can I write modbus rtu over RS-232 interface of the CPU module Q01UCPU and how
  3. FX3U Modbus help

    @Zahi YounisHi Zahi  I am the one who what to connect third party device using modbus rtu communication  I know the way to use ADRPW instruction + Modbus Adapter < FX3U-485ADP-MB module  > But i know RS instruction + Serial communication <non protocol > can do modbus via using write ladder same as data modbus data frame If someone have an experience , please show me your ladder  thank very much  
  4. Did fx3g 485bd supports modbus comn

    @Indianplcprogrammer Could you please show me how the ladder is? I would like to use modbus over non-protocol communication <  fx 3g485bd >  I know it is possible but i am searching an ladder example for this