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  1. Hello, I am trying to restore a runtime application from one of our pvp+1000 hmi's, the only problem is nobody knows the password for the runtime application. I have talked to the OEM that installed the electrical cabinet years ago, and every password they have given me will not work. I am able to log into the configuration screen. Is there anyway someone would know how to get around the password or reset it so I can modify the existing .mer file?  Thanks, new guy
  2. can not open a program

  3. can not open a program

    Also, sorry pictures are out of focus; if you squint, you can read it ha.
  4. can not open a program

    I had this happen to me earlier today. Here are two pictures of a thread I cam across. To be honest, neither seemed to help. I ended up restarting guest on my virtual machine and everything was fine.