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  1. hello all, I plan the work with project to monitoring waterpump yaskawa and power meter scheider,, I want monitor all of that from the office using  EcoWebServerⅢ and ecomonitor plus,, has anyone ever integrated them all?
  2. Greetings everyone. I'm new here. Hoping to get help to operate the Omron V400-R2 barcode to the Mitsubishi QJ71C24N so that they can communicate the two devices with the correct method. PLC: Mitsubishi: Q03UDVCPU; barcode: Omron V400-R2; serial communication module: QJ71C24N. I use RS 232 communication cable, I have tried using predefined protocol and non protocol procedures but still can't communicate the two devices. I really appreciate your help.
  3. upload program from HMIGXU3500

    I think it's possible, like this faq I found at https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/faqs/FA303227/ and u can use USB type mini B to download or upload the program.  
  4. CCLINK program problem

  5. CCLINK program problem

    Hello everyone, I want to ask,, Does address mapping use this concept to do "remote i / o station" can be done? following the network parameter settings for CCLink and I tried to program with this ladder, is that correct?  
  6. CCLINK program problem

    Thx you mr. @gambit
  7. convert program PLC Yaskawa to PLC mitsubishi

    thank you mr. @Wulfgar
  8. hello,,,, i want to ask, is there a way to convert the yaskawa PLC ladder program to a Mitsubishi PLC? and what software is used to program PLC brand of YASKAWA?
  9. how to program motion controller A172SHCPUN

    thank you for your suggestion mr. @Crossbow ..
  10. Hello,, I have motion controller A series A172SHCPUN,, I have written the program ladder into the CPU, but I can't write the motion program.. i dont have the program to open file the program motion and I want to ask if I have the software SW3RNC-GSVE, my os computer is window XP, Can it be installed? and is the cable transfer used the same as the ladder transfer program cable (SC09)?
  11. A series Motion Control

    @katmandoo tortoise hello sir,, i have the same problem with @Delbert..  i have program with extension .cnf and .prj but can open the program cz i dont have the software SW3RNC-GSVE ,, i use V22 for the OS. can you share the program ?
  12. how to set electronic gear in module QD77MS2

    thx you mr. @glavanov
  13. hello everyone,,,, I want to running the motor in 100 rpm but how to setting electronic gear to control speed in servo motor HG-SR502,, does anyone know how?
  14. hello everyone,, I use the QD03UDV PLC and the modbus QJ71MT91 module, I want to test the module using modbus poll but it fails continuously, and when I upload the program to the LED notification PLC "COM.ERR." the module is ON ... but in GX Works2 I have no errors .. why is it like that, can someone help me?          
  15. I have been careless sir, so thx you @glavanov, you already reminded me
  16. hallo everyone ...i use mitsubishi Q00UJCPU and QD77MS2.. i try to make a speed control program and the speed wants to be changed during servo operating, i use dedicated instructions ZP. PSTRT1 (axis 1) and have tryed but it was only successful to change speed with "change speed control" function once ... is it like it? cannot change "change speed control" many times when servo operations?
  17. yes sir I use this ladder to reset after i use speed change
  18. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

    I've been able to connect modbus TCP / IP to modbus Poll using a straight ethernet cable, don't use the program using only the parameter function module intellegent and checking the code error, it turns out that the double ipv4 when trying to use another laptop, finally works .. I learned a lot too, thank mr @collinsd70, @Wasan, @kaare_t
  19. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

    thank you for the explanation mr. @kaare_t,  I have directly connected the QJ71MT91 module to the PC using an ethernet cable "Straight", I don't have a "switch" so I will try to connect again by making a ethernet cable "Crossover".
  20. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

    here is mr. @Wasan the detail connection,,
  21. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

    is it? still cant sir,, 
  22. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

    yes mr. @Wasan I use the extension module and have adjusted to the number slot and have no errors, but still can't use modbus poll..
  23. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

    I have changed IP on GXW2 to be different from IP on PC. I want to ask whether in "open settings" I don't need to change anything? and I've tried pinging again but still like this screenshot.   I connected the internet cable from QJ71MT91 port to Ethernet port on PC. Do not connect an ethernet cable to the PLC port Q03UDV. Did I connect it wrong?
  24. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

    mr. @Wasan  I have followed the advice of your tutorial but still experience difficulties when pinging use cmd and when trying modbus poll,,   this is my configuration : in IP laptop in GX works2   IP in module QJ71MT91   in modbus assignment parameter   in modbus poll using IP same as in module QJ71MT91   in cmd result the pinging same as IP in module QJ71MT91 i dont know I missing  what?
  25. com error in QJ71MT91 modbus module

      I have reposted my attachment in above,, already sir but it still fails when connecting with modbus,, ?