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  1. C-mode hostlink library for NJ/NX1P or CP1L

    Solved. The Omron France library was for the wrong end/direction. Did write my owm CPM2A c-mode hostlink emulator running on the NX1P12. Essential thing not mentioned in the hostlink manual: "CH" designates words ( channels ).
  2. C-mode hostlink library for NJ/NX1P or CP1L

    !! Today I found out Omron France acually have made a library for creating c-mode hostlink for usage with NX and CIF. It only supports words ( DM ) and do note support multiframe. Will go onsite and se if their library gives enogh functionality to work with the NSH5 handheld HMI.
  3. C-mode hostlink library for NJ/NX1P or CP1L

    ..there are the different designations: "Hostlink" and "Hostlink(FINS)". Using NX1P12 with CIF01, "Hostlink(FINS)" is the only available of theese two protocols, which, I think, exclude c-mode support - "Hostlink" -  that some older HMI:s might need to work.
  4. C-mode hostlink library for NJ/NX1P or CP1L

    Thank you.  I do think some older HMI.s behave like a computer (typically cx-programmer):  only using the c-mode part of hostlink for PLC-communications. For exampe the NT3S-ST126B-E  has no FINS settings. c-mode is enogh for reading/writing CIO, DM, HR after verifying that the PLC is in monitor mode. To mee It seems it is the same for the NS-series HMI:s regarding RS232C; using hostlink without FINS-support.
  5. C-mode hostlink library for NJ/NX1P or CP1L

    Anyone knows if there is a C-mode hostlink library for NJ/NX ? Also, a C-mode hostlink library for CP1L could be helpful, to translate such a library to work with NX1P is probaly less work whan writing a new library.  Maybe Omron France has developed such a library? - they seem very active..   Background: Looking into writing a programmatic c-mode hostlink master for NX1P12, this is for connecting the handheld NSH5 HMI to the NX1P12 via RS232C using a CIF01. I have the hardware set up, and an machine built, expected some compatibility efforts by Omron.... but the NSH5 seems to talk C-mode hostlink, and the CIF01 only seems to support the FINS version hostlink.   On the NJ you can of course add an SCU module, thus not need a library.  But working with NX1 ( due to limited space available ), you are dependet on available CIF-modules which do not support C-mode hostlink.