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  1. Hi Folks....Thanks for the info everybody....I'm sure I'll have more questions later after I dig into this "relic" (LOL) Thanks and later....Todd
  2. I don't know a lot about the Modicon line yet but here is a picture of the processor. This isn't the one I have bought but is just like it. Later....Todd
  3. Thanks for the info Crossbow....Looking forward to any manuals you find and post. Later....Todd
  4. Hi Folks...I found the pinout for the cable. (Thanks Modiconbob for the part #) I am still having trouble finding the user manual for this PLC. Also does anyone know if an input simulator card was ever available for these units? Thanks and later....Todd
  5. Hi Folks....I just bought a used Modicon Micro M984-230 PLC from E-bay to play around with and am trying to find a users manual in PDF format but I searched the Square D site and couldn't find it. Could someone link me to it? Also I need to know what type of programming cable I need. The PLC has 1 modbus port and I have been told that a null modem is all I need. I have demos of both the Proworx NXT and 32 to work with. As always any and all help is appreaceated. Thanks and later....Todd
  6. Hi folks...If anyone is interested there are 2 positions open at Miller Brewery in Eden N.C. {about 40 miles north of Greensboro} Click the link below. Later...Todd
  7. 8 hour shifts from 11:00 pm to 7:00am. later...Todd
  8. Hi folks...Due to some unexpected resignments and retirements we are now short handed , which has left me {the newest guy in the shop} alone on 3rd shift. Well not really alone they have people coming in early or staying over to help me. The other new guy has been here about 10 weeks longer than me and next week he is coming back to 3rd. But now to my question...we are now working 7 days a week which means one or both of is going to have to be here all the time. they will let just one of us carry the load on the week ends because they are not running wide open.I am trying to figure out some way we can rotate 7 days between the two of us so we both don't get worn out. I thought about if one of us came in in sunday and worked till trusday and the other came in on tuesday and worked till saturday but we ran into the fact that sunday is a double time day and saturday is a time and a half day. Does any know of or worked a schedule that would allow you to maybe swing the weekend so as to be fair to both people. I don't really know if they would try it but it wouldn't hurt to ask. Thanks for any and all input. Later....Todd
  9. Hi Folks...At my new job we are using a process control system by a company called GSE , the system is called D/3. As far as I can tell from googling around it was originaly a Texas Insturments system and was either bought or spun off to GSE. Is anyone here familier with this system and could you provide me with links to resources to learn more about it? As always any help is greatly appreacated. Thanks and later...Todd
  10. Another new job

    No Video but it is mentioned in the 1/2 ton of policys and other assorted paperwork. Later...Todd
  11. Another new job

    Hi Folks... Finally got the You Tube clip I just wish it was that easy and I'm glad I didn't have to dance for my job at the same time. Later...Todd
  12. Another new job

    Hi Folks...Yes it is a Miller brewery. The same brewery my dad retired from in 2000 and as a matter of fact I'll be in the same shop he worked in for 23 years. My connection is slow tonight so I,ll have to check out the you tube clip later. Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm 'bout wrung out from all the saftey vids the past 2 days and I've got at least 2 more days of them. I'll talk to ya'll later ....Todd
  13. Hi folks...I just read Bob O is starting a new job monday and so am I. Good luck Bob, hope everything works out OK. After 20+ years in the textile trade I am moving on to the brewing trade. Monday morning I start at a local brewery and you wouldn't believe all the friends I have that I never knew before. I'll probably be posting more in the modicon section now. Ya'll wish me luck 'cause I'll need it. Later...Todd
  14. Ron...Don't forget you still have a listing on Ebay {or it was still there sat July 21st} It is still listed under your former employer.Also a lot of us are still hoping for a Ron Beaufort book. {just a thought} Good luck and later...Todd
  15. Direct Soft5 memory editor

    Bernie...Thanks a lot for your paitence and help. Later....Todd