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  1. NS12 HMI Mounting Clips

    Has anyone got a part number for the brackets for a ns12-ts01b-v2 HMI?  Or recommend something that will fit?
  2. 1S Encoder Cable Seals

    Thanks for that. Ill try and source the connector
  3. 1S Encoder Cable Seals

    Encoder image   The cables fine. We're missing the o-ring on the encoder side connector (Left hand side of above image). Couldn't find anything specific for the O-ring in any manuals.
  4. 1S Encoder Cable Seals

    Is there anywhere I can order seals for R88A-CR1A005CFE style encoder cable connector
  5. Synchronising 1S servos

    Thanks for the info, clears some stuff up. I'll give that a go
  6. Hi I have 2 servos. One drives on the X and the other on the Y axis. I want both to reach the target position at the same time. The servos are driving a worm gear. Is there an easy way to do this or am I going to set up time delays or something along those lines.