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  1. M 810 lcd display doesnt work

    ok, thanks. It's what i'm going to do
  2. M 810 lcd display doesnt work

    Hi, I tried it and it still doesn't work. The pwr light is on but the rest is off. Does this LCD usually fail or not? If it is true, changing it I would solve the problem? I have only switched off and on again. Thanks for your answers
  3. M 810 lcd display doesnt work

    Thanks for your answer. I will try it and post the result tomorrow.
  4. Hello, I'm Jaime from Spain and I have a watering installation with a m810 with a LCD display and it doesn't work. It has been working for the last two years without any problem until yesterday. The PWR light is on but the LCD display doesnt turn on. It's curious because the other device, the pressure variator shouldnt work if the 810 doesnt work. So I dont know what to do.  I would be very pleased if you can help me. Thanks for your answers