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  1. I using easymodbus library to connect and read data from 3 PLCs CP1L but it run unstablely, sometime it disconnect and i cant re-connect PLC, it give error time out when i try to reconnect when it happen, i restart PLC and everything back to work. Someone please help me. I am new with modbus and omron
  2. FX3u-enet-adp and C# communication using Ethernet TCP/IP

    Do you know to use mx compoment in other PC without " Communication Setup Utility "?
  3. FX3u-enet-adp and C# communication using Ethernet TCP/IP

    my plc engineer told me cpu we used that does not support  modbus  can you tell me which mitsubishi cpu support modbus thank for help
  4. MX-Component V4.09K to VB.Net

    Hi, do you have any way to connection PLC without "Communication Setup Utility", please help me
  5. FX3u-enet-adp and C# communication using Ethernet TCP/IP

    please help me 
  6. Anyone know any free libary to communication with FX3u-enet-adp, please help me ? Note: I've used mx Component , it work very well but it is too expensive and I dont even know it can work in windows server 2012/2016 or not.  one more question, Is there otherway to make program run in other computer without install mx compoment, it is very huge to install in every client computer Thank for reading and sorry for my bad english