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  1. QJ71C24N 7F68 Framing Error

    Solved!! Thanks for your help Gambit.  Me being new to Mitsubishi, I overlooked the Parity Bit ENABLED setting.  Wasn't just enough to set it to ODD or EVEN.    Thanks again.
  2. QJ71C24N 7F68 Framing Error

    Also, Gambit, is there any reason that you can think of as to why the trace data shows the correct hex but the printer is receiving erroneous data?   Thanks
  3. QJ71C24N 7F68 Framing Error

    Thanks.  Hercules worked great.  I was able to send HEX data to the printer to generate the label just fine.  So my issue is on the PLC side.  For some reason my data is being converted to zeros and sent to the printer.  I'm trying to solve that issue now.   Thanks Gambit
  4. QJ71C24N 7F68 Framing Error

    Thanks for the response.  I've tried 1 and 2.  Same issue.  The printer is receiving the data but most of it is being interpreted as 00.
  5. QJ71C24N 7F68 Framing Error

    Hello all, I'm trying to transmit a series of ASCII codes to a Zebra ZT410 Label printer via QJ71C24N channel one, RS232 7 Bits, Even, 2 Stop Bits, using the Predefined protocol.  I can trace that data is transmitted, however, the Data light on the printer stays on.  I also get a Channel 1 fault with a 7F68 Framing error.  I'm pretty new to this so any input would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks