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  1. Dear forum, I am facing a trouble at the moment and hoping somebody can assist. I have one HMI software, GT Designer 3, HMI: GS2107 and/or GT2107, the software works so far so fine. The software is used on several products, I dont want to maintain two or even more software versions. Two serial devices are connect: 1x MODBUS RS-485 1x MODBUS RS-232. The data transfer is done via DDT, no direct calls. The DDT transfer the MODBUS address to the internal GD-Registers. The GD-Registers are used within the HMI. My trouble is that in some cases, there is no RS-232 device connected. This creates time outs, slows down the HMI and its just not nice looking (I have a warning implemented "WARNING NO CONNECTION TO SERIAL DEVICE RS-232". Is there a way, that I can select (retained) that the RS-232 is connected / or not? Once the software is configured "NO RS-232 CONNECTED" I can handle the rest of the software.   Anybody an idea how to do this? Many thanks.
  2. Mitsubishi FR-A800 Drive Problem

    Check your parameter 44 and 45 as well as your drive DIs and their assignment, maybe the second acceleration / dececeleration is active.
  3. How to lock out numerical inputs GT Designer 3

    There are several of doing it, If I understand you correctly you want to do following: 1. Log In 2. Enter the value 3. Lock out automatically. Concentrating on this and assuming, we are only talking about couple of numerical inputs, you could do following: Add a script to the numerical input, wich is activated after the new value is input. The script sets user level to 0. This script you can add to your "Operation - Data Operation - Write"  (USER LEVEL * K0) or you can use "EXTENDED - Write Device" and trigger a script. You are logged out.   Some other ways could be: - Add a log out button, the button sets user level to 0 - Add a log out routine, 5 minutes after log in and no page movement has been recognized, set user level to 0.   I would show the current user level in the header of your screen when you have some real estate you have sacrifice.
  4. password unlock tool

    Hi Rakesh. Good luck with this enquiry. Especially Mitsubishi is taking the locked PLC very seriously!  I have some expirience with the guys and the general rule is, if you don´t have the password, its not your software, we will not unlock it for you ( I am not even sure if they can).
  5. Conditionally display text field in GT designer3

    Hi salmonfish, texts are texts and cant be changed. You can use a "Simple Comment Display" or a "Bit comment" or a "Word comment" field.Depending on the application. The text can change in row and column (column by changing the language) Best regards
  6. LT_E Compare not working reliably

    Hi Technicus, at the first look the code looks good to me. I´m using the LT_E function quite often and never had a problem exuting it.   I would chase if your are wiring M_Druk_laag_veilig is double assigned or you are writing a word to it somewhere else in the program. Another option to try could be to use "LT" and AND the outpur with M8000. You can also check the compiler result, if, for whatever reason, the compiler gives you any stupid output. Try to observe your ENO output, if the function works properly.  
  7. stf and stop on at same time

    Could be PLC, could be wiring, could be VFD Setup. Hard to tell from these few Information. Basically what do you describe sounds to me like you trying to start the VFD but the VFD is somehow in stop. Some sort of interlock is active. Anyways, I would check MRS terminal and MRS configuration. Check Parameter 17 and Parameter 187. Also check if Parameter 19 (Base Voltage) is set.
  8. FTP to HMI (GS2107)

    I have the FTP Server on the GS2107 running and using it to download CSV files. I´m connecting via the Filezilla Client. Downloading and uploading works fine BUT it takes time and the connection might get disconnected, so filezilla is automatically reconnecting to the GS2107 and trying to perform the required action.   I used the GS2107 FTP function with Default Setting other than the timeout. This was set to the Minimum time which is 1 Minute if I remember correctly. I would try to use the filezilla if applicable. Set the filezilla to data type "binary".  
  9. GOT recipe record list.

    Veganic, I´ve been through issues with the recipe functions too. If you use the recipe functions as it comes with the GT Designer it should work quite fine. I would check your Settings, so you are refering to the right recipe. When you play with the recipe function I found it always very helpfull to delete the recipe files before updating the HMI. When you update the HMI Programm without deleting the recipe in advanced the "new" recipe file will not be updated by  GT Designer. The Import note here is the HMI Needs to have the "recipe Setup file". This is uploaded when no recipe file is on the HMI. If you Keep the recipe file it will not be updated and you will get funny results during Operation.
  10. You can adjust Display / Input Settings as well. Before you can use it, you Need to Setup security Levels. If you put your button Input Settings to a specific Level you are asked for a Password. After reseting the Counter you can reset the userlevel. This way you can also Show the reset button "grayed out" when the user level is not high enough to reset the Counter.
  11. Hi everybody, I have a GT2310 communicating with the Mitsubishi F800 VFD. I am using the Freqrol 800 communication driver, connected to the RS-485 terminals of the GOT and on the F800. The comm settings are the same on both devices. I also tried to use the “auto negotiation” setup. I have communication between the two devices. I can read and write to F800 registers.   Anyways, The GT designer diagnostics is complaining about a communication error in the system alarms. The error can be reset but it will appear again.   This also happened when I created a new, empty project where just the communication was setup as described above.   Did anyone experienced the problem and how to troubleshoot / solve this?   Best regards
  12. Thanks Gambit. This project helped a lot. The setup looks pretty much the same. I´m using Station number 0-1 instead of 0-0 but I´m not refering to any 0-0 Register. I didn´t get any communication error with the attached project but once of a sudden  I got a communication error once of a sudden. I´ll verify cabling and work my way trought. Thank you!  
  13. Hello everybody, I am facing an issue with my GOT HMIs Performance at the Moment. I hope somebody can assist me troubleshooting these performance issues. I am using GOT2310 and GT2107 simple. The performance issues are in different projects. When I am talking about performance issues I am specifically talking about a laggy behavior during operation of the GOT. I am looking for a way how to actually debug and troubleshoot the performance issue. How to figure out what is causing the laggy behavior? The 2310 HMI is actually quite busy I am doing quite some different things: DDTs are active Different loggings are active (one logging is logging every 100ms) Multiple layers Different scripts, some of the scripts are executed ordinary The screens are using multiple layers Access data directly not via a DDT I have a communication error, this error seems to be relatively unique and I will open a different topic for this. There is communication in both directions but I do get a system alarm “communication error” What is the good practice to start debugging / troubleshooting?   Best regards