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  1. network parameter fo A3A cpu

    Thanks alot
  2. network parameter fo A3A cpu

    here is the program of the machine , and thanks so much for trying help me.     A3ACPU master N00 mouhab0.rar
  3. network parameter fo A3A cpu

    I couldn't find any printed paper related to these tagged devices , can I send my program to you to help me in this??  
  4. network parameter fo A3A cpu

    I will try to find and told you the news. But in the diagram that i upload in the  first post there is address in the top of each remote i/o module , is that enough ?  
  5. network parameter fo A3A cpu

    After i put these parameter no error appear on the plc screen and its in run mode and the command for these plc input or output is working. But for remote i/o no responding of the commands . And for plc n01 it has already its program without me - I didn't program it- .ijust rewrite n01 program. Note : when i remove coxial cable no error appear on both plc , also when i remove twisted pair no error appear too. There are 4 analog outputs should give number of tension strenght for the machine and it comes from remote i/o , it show me 0 . I think there is somthing wrong for the addresses in network of these  i/o module , where i should put there address??
  6. network parameter fo A3A cpu

    now i put this parameter, the error " link par. error" is gone but still no responding for start button of  remote i/o module. because i don't know where i should put the addresses of remote i/o modules .
  7. network parameter fo A3A cpu

    Please, I need help guys 41 view , No answer!!  
  8. network parameter fo A3A cpu

    I have a A3A cpu plc master and local connecting through coxial cable , these two plcs exist in printing machine and the master one had lost his program , i found a program written on papers so I rewrite it using gx devoloper. now i face a problem with network parameter , beacuse the master unit is also connecting to 6 remote i/o module through twisted pair cable . i will upload the diagram of the newtork for both plcs and with the remote i/o unit . and when i upload the program with out parameter it give me an alarm in plc link par. error please help. SCN_0001.pdf SCN_0002.pdf