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  1. Thanks for your help
  2. Hello,  I have a 1734-VHSC24 fast entry card.  An ifm rup 500 encoder.  I want to reset my encoder counter on a rising edge of a sensor.  The problem is that on a rising edge it doesn't reset my counter, I feel like I need to maintain my pulse for at least 50ms.    I also want to trigger events on an encoder position, what is the best way?  I am using a comparator, but I don't think this is the best way to go.
  3. MAS that does not work anymore

    Thank you for your reply. the solution I applied is to disable the MAS.EN bit a bit before using the MAS. it works
  4. Hello, I have 2 machines the same, 1 l306erm automaton in each machine and 2 kinetix 5500 drives in each I develop the program on the first machine, no worries. I import the same program on the second machine it works no worries, Except ... if I turn off the machine. when I restart, the shutdown commands MAS of the 2 dimmers work more. everything else works fine. MSO MAM .. etc .. only MAS stop engine orders that no longer work. If I get the program back into the machine and put it back into the (same) machine, it works again until the machine is turned off. Thanks for your help excuse my english this is an automatic translation. Bonjour,J'ai 2 machines les même,1 automate l306erm dans chaque machineet 2 variateurs kinetix 5500 dans chaquej'ai développer le programme sur la première machine, pas de soucis.j'importe le même programme sur la deuxième machinecela fonctionne pas de soucis,Sauf j'eteint la machine.lorsque je redémarre , les ordres d’arrêt MAS des 2 variateurs de fonctionne plus.tout le reste fonctionne correctement. MSO MAM .. etc..uniquement les ordres d’arrêt moteur MAS qui ne fonctionne plus.Si je récupère le programme dans la machine et le réinjecte dans la (même) machine cela fonctionne a nouveaux jusqu’à ce que l'on éteigne la machine.
  5. Hello I would like to know the Difference between l33erm and 306erm. I could see that the l33erm can have 8 axes against 2 max for l306erm. The memory is higher on l33erm. What are the other differences? Thank you very much.
  6. Thank you for your answer  the servo-drive  has  de-energize by the STO, .. i think This axis go home after fault with the same MAM .
  7. Bonjour, Hello, I use a l33erm automaton and a Kinetix servo motor . This servo motor drives an engine with a chain moving in steps of 100 millimetres (there are 15 steps on the chain ) At each top of a cell this motor advances by 100 millimetre. in reality it advances from about 0 to about 100. Sometimes it is 100,002 times to 99,997 (this is important further) and when I give it a top it goes back to about 100 (100,003 times to 99,996) And so on and so forth up to no problem, I use a MAM with an absolute type of movement. It works.     However, this does not work any more after a rearmament following an emergency shutdown. if it is a 100,002 no problem at the next top the chain advances one step But when the engine is shut down at 99,997 and I give it the order to go to 100 it advances only by 0,003.  This only happens after an emergency stop (or door opening). Thank you for the help you can give me excuse my English this is a machine translation Un séjour sans faille