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  1. How to make a recipe?

    I'm coming from AB and Automation Direct and I guess to assume they would even be remotely similar was a joke. In AD I have the ability to pull up a recipe on the HMI with the Part number (Vertical column) and different attributes of the part in the following 5 columns (derived from tags in the PLC). How do I replicate this in GT Designer 3? I'm utilizing GX Works 3 with it.  I have a recipe record box on the HMI screen thats visibility is based on a tag in the PLC. How do I make it do the same thing has previously described? Going through the settings of the Recipe Display, I can't find any place to add the columns based on the tags. It seemingly gives you very limited options in the settings. Has anyone had better experience with this that can point me in the right direction?  Thanks in advance!
  2. I simply want to create a function that measures how long the machine has been running/functioning. I see the option to create the OUT T function, but that allows me at max to count up to 9999. Do I have to create some registers to continuously store this data?  Can I not just have it count up freely?  I have a couple other functions I need to run off of this further on, but this is the foremost issue. Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance.
  3. I've set up a range of comments as well as their Chinese Translations in separate columns in GT Designer3. How do I go about putting a selector on the HMI to switch the languages from the HMI? I've been having trouble finding out a clear way to do this. The manual didn't seem to help.  When previewing the HMI, I can manually select the 2 separate languages and everything goes according to plan.Has anyone had any experience with this that could help out a bit?
  4. I'm trying to replicate something I've done in an RSLogix5000 file without the usage of those convenient arrays.  I have 24 counters, for 24 hours in a day. I have a MapleSystems screen relaying this data in the warehouse. The logic I've tried to implement is as such If bit (HMI assigned for shift start) = 6 --------- Copy C5:78 to C5:130 with a length of ten. I'm trying to copy the 10 counters that will be displayed on the MS monitor into the part of the counters that are connected via tags. It's done like this so that if someone starts the shift at 8, it'll take from 8 + 10 hours into the same C5:130 ten registers to display it on any shift. When I copied c5:78 --> c5:130 w/ len:10 it copies the first value C5:78 into the tenth register C5:130, when I'm trying to have it copy those ten into the C5:130 starting ten, to display on the screen. What am I doing wrong here? It's as if that length of ten is acting as an indexer and if that's the case, do I have to do 10 copy lines for each hour I want to utilize this logic on? Thanks so much in advance!
  5. I've found very similar errors, but not exactly this one. Does anyone have any insight on how to remedy this? I'm using Factory talk and RSLogix5000.
  6. Coming from RSlogix5000, I'm dyin' over here on 500. Can you even reset more than a single counter on a line?  I've tried resetting them all, copying 0 into them, moving 0 into them, etc. to no avail.  Do I really have to do this line by line?
  7. Hey all I'm having a couple of issues with a few Maple Systems HMI on a production floor that I'm working on.  Issue 1: When uploading to a certain machine it uploads with my updated HMI, and in that lull before the data loads, it erases a few visual updates on the right hand side, and moves some stuff over. Oddly enough it leaves tag updates to all of the bar graph registers updated, meaning it's not doing like a full revert back to an earlier file. I'm lost on this one. Everything else works as desired. Issue 2: One of the machines, when downloading, essentially "forgets" it's tags. I did a couple changes and went to download to it, and it said there were 50 something unaccounted for tags. I didn't add any of the tags it's mentioning. I went to test it by just uploading, and then downloading and it does the same thing. After reviewing the HMI none of the tags are actually utilized in the project from what I saw. Any help on these things would be great.
  8. I'm having a difficult time updating some HMIs on a production floor using both Rslogix5000 and EzwarePlus. I've exported my CSV from RS, and in the importation stage, it shows I have no tags. However literally everything on the screen is already linked up to tags. When selecting an objects properties and clicking tags there, everything shows up. When in the address library nothing shows up, and my CSV after clicking import, does nothing.  Is there something brutally straight forward here that I'm just missing?
  9. Clearing an Array in RSLogix

    I'm having a tough time clearing the entirety of an array. I've tried using the copy function, the clear, the fill and the the file synchronous copy functions. I'm solely trying to copy 0's into the entirety of a 20 tag array. Example Tag[0] to tag[20]. I saw another thread here: http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/14678-clearing-an-array-in-rslogix-5000/  However, that didn't help me. Anyone have any shortcuts here?  Thanks so much in advance!
  10. How to make a recipe?

    Is there any necessity to the use of so many of the GDXXXX format? A lot of what I'm editing is in D, and there's definitely a method to the madness I might just be missing. Thanks in advance.
  11. How to make a recipe?

    Thanks for sending these. I'll take a look.  After reading through this I have unanimous confirmation that you are a godsend. Thanks for this!!