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  1. NA5 Active Alarm Counter

    When running the counter as UINT it just causes the number to be wrong, counts 10 alarm when there are zero active alarms. We have an NJ101-9000 We noticed that if we delay the enabling of the alarm function blocks by 1 sec after the PLC is booted up it works fine. We will run with this solution for now. We could not pinpoint what causes the issue, but I think it may have something to do with different programs running different task periods.  
  2. NA5 Active Alarm Counter

    Thank you for the suggestion Nedward. We do already have an FB for alarm handling but it do not use STRUCT. I have tried using the alarm status to add to an counter and subtract when alarm status is back to normal. we have an issue with this function as the counter sometimes get the wrong count during startup of the PLC causing it to go to -8 when there are no alarms. Have you had any issues with the alarm count on start up?
  3. Hi,  We want an indication of how many alarms are active. We have one group under "User Alarms" for Alarms and one for Events, Alarms have priority "User Fault Level 4" the Events have priority "user Information". We have tried to use the "_HMI_Alarm****" integers but they combine the events and alarms. Both the Alarms and Events are displayed using a "User Alarms Viewer" Do anyone know any ways to get an count of active alarms?