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  1. GOT GS2110 ethernet connection with robot

    E series controller with rd80n robot.
  2. GOT GS2110 ethernet connection with robot

    Thank you for your advice  @Veganic But  in that case, i think i gonna need double enet module, right?. One for plc to hmi and one for plc to robot.  In case which i want to do, dont need any enet module on plc, and it means less crowded electrical panel, and get more simplicity.  I tried something else, like below and it actually passed the test. But in that case still need a enet module on plc. [ROBOT]--------Ethernet--------[PLC]--------RS422--------[HMI] So it solves a little bit my situation but I still need to learn something about my main subject.  
  3. GOT GS2110 ethernet connection with robot

    It supports tcp/ip protocol. I wrote my own tcp communication code to robot and it runs correctly between pc-robot.
  4. Hi all !    I need a help about connection between mitsubishi GOT Simple series (gs2110) to kawasaki robot via crossed ethernet cable on tcp/ip protocol. I actually have a fx3g for main unit of my project, and also i have a kawasaki robot for slave unit. My purpose is basically to control both with HMI. I used RS422 between plc and got gs2112 and I want to use a crossed ethernet cable between robot and got but i did not communicate with ethernet even between pc and got. There is a manuel which I found on internet about GOT2000  Connection Manual (Microcomputers, MODBUS/Fieldbus Products, Peripherals) I think i need to work on  microcomputer connection (ethernet) subject, what do you think about that ? I need all advices and ideas which come from you.   [ROBOT]--------Ethernet--------[HMI]--------RS422--------[PLC]