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  1. Weintek hmi with fx3u128mr

  2. Weintek hmi with fx3u128mr

    Thanks for your reply.  |X0|--------(mo) will not hold the relay in fx PLC as far as my knowledge if some other conditions doesn't support it. But |x0|------[set mo ] will hold the relay. But even after doing so when I press a  switch on hmi the output works just to hold the relay. I can't achieve when I press and hold a switch to run an output
  3. Weintek hmi with fx3u128mr

    What I have done is assigned an input for a button in ebpro(weintek software) Eg. |X0|------------- -(y0) where x ,y are inputs and outputs of fx PLC. When I press(and hold) a button assigned to x0 on the hmi  it should run y0.  But when I assign a memory and use momentary switch it is working .ie  |X0|----------[set m0] |M0|---|x0|------(y0) this is working.  
  4. Weintek hmi with fx3u128mr

    It's easy to criticize than to help
  5. Weintek hmi with fx3u128mr

    I have connected weintek 8103ie with fx3u 128m (Mitsubishi). The problem is when I create a toggle switch to hold an input on PLC it doesn't work. But momentary switch works properly. For eg. I want to keep input x1 of PLC on when I press a toggle switch. Also I want to run a coil when I hold a touch input. I can't achieve this in ebpro (IAM new to hmi ) but ok with PLC program.please help