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  1. Output not on

    I think just found my problem.... Needed to look at it differently, with my butt on my couch, not in front of the machine. I will report back on Monday.
  2. Output not on

    Sent you a PM
  3. Output not on

    Ok, I sort of understand what you are saying, but in my case the logic controlling the should not be true then false between scans. Are you saying that a rung is only true while being scanned? The two bits in my photo, after the auto mode bit, the first (A) would turn it output on, and the second(B) would turn it off later. (A) an internal contact off a SET output function. DOes the whole line of code have to remain true in that line for the set bit output to be true? if that is the case what is the purpose of a set bit? and why would you need a reset bit? Confused in
  4. Output not on

    You are correct sir... the inside is not green. I have read and re-read you first post. I don't understand, if the logic is true, the output should be on regardless of scan time.. And why will it not become true on the next scan?
  5. Output not on

    Hi Michael, I will look at that this morning. I can't remember if looked like that. I will take a photo and upload.  Thinking about this last night, I modified the program and added a few sections in program0, the program is setup in the tasks area, but i don't see all the sections. Is that normal? Thanks   Jeff
  6. Output not on

    New to Omron, old to programming. Having an issue with an output. And, it is only used once in the program. it is not a set output. The line of code is branched into a manual string and then an automatic string. The manual branch works the output goes green in the ladder, looking at the i/o map it goes true and the cylinder move as it should. The branch under the manual conditions are for auto mode, when in auto and the conditions are true, the rung turns green showing the output as "On" but in the I/O map the bit is still false....and the cylinder does not move......WTF?? anyone have any suggestions?   Thanks jeff