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  1. stepper motor controle CP1E

    thank you so much for your help 
  2. stepper motor controle CP1E

    Thanks for your reply , so the CP1E-N40S1DR-A is relay output ,can I add a transistor output module as an expansion and use its output for pulsing?
  3. stepper motor controle CP1E

    Thanks for your reply  yes I just found out that my outputs are relay type,  I changed the mov instruction to movl for the target freq and also I lowered the Frequency to 10Hz but the outputs still off, is the plc must be transistor type  to make the outputs toggle,  
  4. Hello All, I'm a newbie to Omron programing  I have a program where I want to control a stepper motor with 1 plc output "pulse output0"  in my program I used PLS2 instruction but when I execute the instruction the motor won't rotate and the plc outputs are off, My wiring is fine, and my plc is CP1E-N40S1DR-A MY 1st output is pulse output 0 Q100.0 and also the driver wiring with the stepper motor is good ( I did a test with siemens plc the motor does work fine ) , what could be the problem? thanks, PLC OUPUT 0 SETTING