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  1. Hi,I'm working on a flow pack machine, it has got all the mechanical parts and the sensors and the actuators with an HMI/PLC Which I can't access, and it's working,but I want to change the hmi and to add a Siemens S7-1200 plc And I have to make a program  to have the same function ,I managed to make a little plc program to read all the sensors and the encoder value and to cmd all the motors, but I don't know how to synchronize between the film cutter and the film.I have a VFD that runs the film cutter (it's a rotary resistor which cuts and seals the product package) and a potentiometer to adjust the speed of the VFD and an encoder attached to the chain of the film cutterand I also have a servo motor which pulls the film and I control the position and speed of this Servo from the plcI don't know how to synchronize between the speed of the film cutter (VFD) and the speed of thefilm (Servo drive) so I could have the same length of the product in all speedsI also have an eye color sensor, and I don't know what to do when the eye color sensor detects the eye mark in the film.Any help appreciated ,
  2. stepper motor controle CP1E

    thank you so much for your help 
  3. stepper motor controle CP1E

    Thanks for your reply , so the CP1E-N40S1DR-A is relay output ,can I add a transistor output module as an expansion and use its output for pulsing?
  4. stepper motor controle CP1E

    Thanks for your reply  yes I just found out that my outputs are relay type,  I changed the mov instruction to movl for the target freq and also I lowered the Frequency to 10Hz but the outputs still off, is the plc must be transistor type  to make the outputs toggle,  
  5. Hello All, I'm a newbie to Omron programing  I have a program where I want to control a stepper motor with 1 plc output "pulse output0"  in my program I used PLS2 instruction but when I execute the instruction the motor won't rotate and the plc outputs are off, My wiring is fine, and my plc is CP1E-N40S1DR-A MY 1st output is pulse output 0 Q100.0 and also the driver wiring with the stepper motor is good ( I did a test with siemens plc the motor does work fine ) , what could be the problem? thanks, PLC OUPUT 0 SETTING