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  1. Hi..  someone please help me.. i'm working in omron CS1H-H CPU67 PLC. My struggle is I/O in one particular rung is not getting updated.  Note: the rung is consist of a P_On flag followed by a FB ; all I/O to the FB were correctly assigned. but the inputs inside the FB instance are not getting updated so that the output not updated. can anyone please help me....????   sorry for my poor english... thanks in advance.
  2. I/O not getting updated in one rung

    Please refer attached image.. Red circled sections are newly inserted sections while other programs and sections are existing one... IO's in all these new sections alone not getting updated.. For your kind information.. i can't attach the program here because it is belongs to my client... sorry....
  3. I/O not getting updated in one rung

    double verified bro.. there is no IL instructions and it is a section only not a separate program.
  4. I/O not getting updated in one rung

    firstly thanking you. yes same FB was used in other parts of program. But it was not just copied from previous instance, the FB was inserted with new FB invocation option only. Note: Now I recently noticed that all I/O's in newly inserted sections in a program are not getting updated.  Please help me. Thank you.