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  1. Good day everyone,

    i would like to ask for help in GT designer 2, i have an error of "font manager Error" when i run the program and i am using it to access F940GOT an old model of HMI, if there is another program that i can access F940GOT then can you kindly give me a link. thank you in advance


  2. Good Day sir,  can some one help me please on how to Save "D0" value on Mitsubishi Q00J series it seams that when ever I shut down the system it keeps resetting all the data that has been stored while it was working.


    Thank you in advance for your help



    I am using GXworks 2 ladder Program and

    GT Designer 3 for the GOT1000 where I input the data on "D0" and transfer it on the PLC Q00J