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  1. Socket UDP Send not working

    Oh wow thank you very much innoaloe, it works!!! This is my setup, hope it will help for anyone have to face this problem.    
  2. Socket UDP Send not working

    I checked that Handle value, it's different from my initial value (= 0), it's 1 as you can see. But Send FB still not work.  What value should that Handle be? Or what shoul I do now?
  3. I got the problem with this FB. This work: But this doesn't! Its error is 0400, the Input value is out of range(?) This is variable table. Help me check this. Thank you guys.  
  4. I DID IT GUYS!!!!! Should I post a topic guide to solve this problem? Unbelievable I can solve this. Before this project, I dont have any knowledge about communication. Unbelievable.
  5. Do I need setup something in Scanner setup of DX200?
  6. Hi guys, today I back to my working place. I tried Crossbow's way, transfer by Transfer to Controller button in Ethernet Connection Setting Screen, but dont solve anything. Do you have any idea? :(
  7. Yah there it is! Default is all 0 (like Parameters tab), these number I filled when trying to find some solutions for this error.
  8. So my setup was right yah? But the error still there. Maybe tomorrow I will try again with this setup, and dont transfer tag setting in synchronize (and dont tick to last option in this window) but transfer in connection window like Crossbow said. Please let me know if you regconize something wrong :(
  9. What is this table means guys. I thought it's ethernet parameter for Robot. But the Output Instance if I fill 102 (as setup in Robot), it will not true in Target Variable...
  10. Is this that button you remind. (In this image it's disable because I dont connect with PLC) I also try this, but it's not work :( 
  11. I left my working place so I cant check it right now for sure. But I can remember, because I setup this based on the Motoman guide documents, so it looks like your image. Except the External IO Allocation Screen has 1 more line (last line) and dont relate to the Ethernet. And I also create EDS files after these steps.
  12. My English is not good, so I dont sure what you mean. The instance value for input, output and config I take from some example of Motoman Ethernet Guide Documents. I also try reverse tag set in NX (Input: 101, Ouput: 102). But the error still there. Thank you very much for replying me.
  13. Yah It's look exactly like your image. I really appreciate your help.
  14. Bump. I tried many ways which I know.
  15. Is this what you mean? But the Error is the same. In the old Project, I used to connect successful. I think I missed some step..