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  1. Hello,  I am using an NX1P2 for a prototype. I'd like to detect when the power fails so I can resume the state of the machine. I thought of energizing a retentive bit using P_First_Run. I am not sure how to go about this. Any suggestions are appreciated.  Thank you in advance   
  2. FactoryTalk Alarm Messages

    Hello Everyone, I have the .mer files for an HMI application that was developed in FactoryTalk V8.0. I have V10.0 installed, I restored the .mer file and did some development ( added screens , objects and alarm messages). Then I created a V8.0 application file. Everything is ok except for the Alarm Messages. I changed an existing message but when i trigger that alarm I get the old one ( the message before I modified it)  Any ideas??  Like always, thank you 
  3. FactoryTalk Alarm Messages

    It turns out that I forgot to add the messages in the Local Messages folder  .   I guess I need more sleep.   
  4. FactoryTalk Alarm Messages

    Thank you Joe. I tried resetting the VM ( I am running FT on a VM) and rebooted my host machine but still same problem. 
  5. EIP Commuincation

    @NevergoldMel I guess it's due to not having a deep understanding of produce/consume tags. There are a lot of PLCs on the market and it's hard to keep up with all of them. Can i have my snickers now? 
  6. EIP Commuincation

    Hello PLC gurus, I have a really noob question to ask. I am new to ethernetIp programming.  I have a 1756-L61 that is supposed to communicate with another device over EIP.  The Ethernet object assembly is set like this  Input assembly instance: 100. Size 1  Output assembly instance: 254, configuration instance:1, Size 0  Read data: 2 word Write data: 2 word    Does anyone know how I can set up the producer/ consumer tags to read and write to the data block over eip??    I thank all of you in advance     
  7. EIP Commuincation

    @IO_RackThank you for the instructions
  8. EIP Commuincation

    Thank you so much. This helps a lot.  Have a great day :) 
  9. EIP Commuincation

    Yes, Omron uses Ethernet/IP as defined by ODVA.  So, now communicating with the Omron is as simple as adding an ethernet module? Will this configuration work if the Ethernet module is connected to a switch?  Thanks
  10. EIP Commuincation

    Thank you Joe for your reply. I believe it's an Omron PLC.  There's an EN2T module on the CLX side. What's an AOP?   
  11. Servo Motor Connection

    Hello, I am using the R88M-1M40030T-BS2 ( 200V 3ph) servo motor. I am looking for a diagram that explains the connections on the top of motor ( for power supply).. there are more than 3 pins and i am not sure why. Can anyone help me understand the pins on the motor for the 3ph supply?  Thank you 
  12. Interacting TTL Encoder

    Thank you @Daniel_TSG. This is really helpful 
  13. Hello,  I have a NX1P2 controller that would control a DC motor, currently it's open loop. I can control the speed and the direction. I'd like to add an encoder to it. The motor I have is from MidWest motion S27 series and they told me I can use their encoder but the problem is it output TTL My question is, how do I read this encoder output in the PLC since it's TTL?  Second, is there a high speed counter in Sysmac Studio for the PLC I have?  Thank you everyone in advance   
  14. Interacting TTL Encoder

    Thank you so much Garry, I really appreciate the time and effort you took to answer my question Cheers!   
  15. Interacting TTL Encoder

    EDIT: Title should be Interfacing TTL Encoder 
  16. NX-105 Received Data

    Hello,  PLC: NX1P  Comm module: NX-CIF105   I am running a serial (RS485) network to control several motors. As a trigger for to read the serial port I am using the ( Ch1 Receive Data Exist) bit, which is an internal bit that's ideally should be energized when there's data in the Receive buffer. However, this bit isn't reliable at all. I am reaching out today to figure out if there's another way to trigger the receive command ( preferably without a delay)    thank you all  Cheers! 
  17. Retained tags

    Hello, Can you please explain what a retained tag is? I thought it's a tag that retains its value after power loss. But when I created tags with initial values and then turned off the plc, they 'retained' their values even though they weren't configured to be 'retained'. And, how do we change the values in a retained tag? Thank you in advance   
  18. UART (TTL)

    I am not worried about id when converting from rs485 to uart . ID can be set for each motor and then each motor can be addressed in the header of each instruction packet. I don't have any room for four additional You're right @innoaloe, it'll be a lot of work. The easy solution and the more expensive would be to get MX106R instead. Thank you again :D 
  19. UART (TTL)

    Hello, I have an NX1P2 with a CIF105 (RS485 module) and trying to control motors (Dynmaxil MX106T) that run on UART (TTL). I spent some time researching and came across MAX485, but I don't think that's the best way to do it. To make things more complicated, there's only one data pin on the motors, i.e. runs half duplex so I'll be needing some sort of direction control.  Has anyone here come across something similar? How is it possible to communicate with a TTL device from the PLC? Thank you   
  20. UART (TTL)

    @panic mode Don't I still need some sort of timing between the PLC and the micro-controller if I go with that option? 
  21. UART (TTL)

    Thank you again @panic modeand thank you @innoaloe I am afraid I can't go with RS232 as I have 4 motors that need to be connected to the same port. 
  22. UART (TTL)

    Thank you @panic mode. Does that mean shorting the RO and DI pins on the Max485, as the motors require one data line (either transmit or receive)? 
  23. Retained tags

    That answers my question. Thank you @IO_Rack I was populating the retained tags in the initial value field. Then I noticed when I changed the value, the plc wouldn't take it.   
  24. FB's

    Hi,  Thank you for your reply! I think the done bit has to be created in the function block. And, yes there's a bit that indicates a motion is complete (Change from 1 to 0). I think it would be safer to just use your first solution, i.e. using one function block for all the motions.    Thank you @innoaloe again :) 
  25. FB's

    Hello, I am using function blocks multiple times to execute motion commands. The function block has a few MOVE instructions that would move the motion profile values to the drives. I noticed that the PLC only keeps the last value. Meaning, the values always zeros. How do I go about this issue? Thank you all