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  1. Mitsubishi FX5U Serial RS485 - non procedural communication

    Hi Gambit, I need to send information to LabVIEW and back.   This might be achievable by digital I/O but I would prefer to do it via serial (RS485) or internet.  I am using an fx5 plac and I have downloaded LabVIEW. I achieved the above using RS485 to USB cable.
  2. Hello, I have managed to send output to a terminal using a serial channel.  I have not been able to send data from the terminal to the Mitsubishi PLC. I am not using terminating resistors but I have a slow baud rate of 4800.  I am just using regular wires (1.5mm square) .  I think the hardware is okay as I can see the output from the PLC on the screen. Attached is the code.  I just send from the terminal the character 22 every second, I hope this is not too incomplete to get some help.   The plan I guess later is to interface with LabVIEW probably using Modbus but I need to try to get this working first.     UL9.gx3
  3. After turning off the PLC and back on it is okay now.  I am going to have to try to get it working for the digital to analog next. Sos about the earlier post.
  4. Does anyone know why I am not getting values into registers?  I am on a FX5U-32M   Paul