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  1. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    Dear jlolonergan  I am sorry for late reply  hooked up with serial port another slc 503 for remote cabinet at the station building.but the local system didn’t response for remote cabinet I will check this problem later . The manufacturer equipment didn’t have any additional setup .  best regards  Remon 
  2. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    Dear /Jlolonergan Thanks for your support  i tried to searche about 0:1/1 but i didnt find it . i am sorry for this . can you kindly help me in this i will attatch for you my file for this anntena . can you see it ? best regards  remon      DA_LOK_1.RSS
  3. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    Dear jlolonergan  This is rotatable antenna  when my company received the project I found this rotatable antenna was dead  1-the drive not working and fault 50 pole calc fault I 2-no communication between 1747sn scanner and remote I/O 1336GM1 3-panel view 550 give me alarm 24 and it didn’t loading  I treat this problems through  1-changing 3IGBT and changing at value of RPM for motor from 970 to 950 2- I went through Rslinx and Rslogix 500 and I made changed at g files to make communication between 1747-sn and 1336GM1 so the communication happen now . 3-i bring anew panelview 550and installed the software on it .and the rotatable antenna start functions work .  4-The dip switch setting it is correct as industrial company recommended and if it wrong I will not get communication between 1747sn and 1336GM1  5-yes when I give command all system working and the contactor go enable through any order  6-yes I can see the frequency command through my soft ware and HIM module and both give me 0 and stoped 0.00HZ  7-I will attatch two pictures one for dip switch and another for parameters in side drive  8- my number +96550848236 I have honor to communicate with you  best regards  Remon 
  4. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    This photo during running the drive and must write for me on panel running in stead of stand still you can see  best regards  Remon 
  5. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    Dear joe  I made some investagation and i catch some point 1- drive make out the frequency and give me stoped  2-plc system didn’t see the drive when it working because I have rectangle in side my panel view give me feed back about the frequency of the drive it give me 0 and drive running. 3-I remove the cable between scanner and remote I/O and i give order for plc i found the drive also go out frequency and give me stoped. 4-I made as flow chart at page 41 and I didn’t found any stop owner set to 1  also start owner didn’t give me any bit 1 when I give command . so I expect the problem in side plc system because I set in the drive  NO :111 DATA IN A1 :28 NO :119 DATA OUT A1 :66 so I want make sure about rs logix 500 it is the same channel but I don’t know way how I can check this option I don’t know the way . thanks for your support  best regards 
  6. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    Yes I did it before but the same result drive stopped. best regards 
  7. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    Thanks my dear I will give you more details about my rotatable antenna .it have to sections low band and high band and this rotatable antenna can change it’s angle through plc system slc503 ,panel view 550 ,scanner card 1747sn ,3input module and one output module . the scanner connected to drive through 1336GM1. i can’t give plc system order for frequency above 48 . Not allowed  i will update you when I get anew result . best regards and a lot of thanks for your assistance.
  8. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    Dear joe  drive didn’t response for any command over communication link it give me stoped and still stoped until me push green button so the frequency go out and I can increase the frequency or decrease it from key bad HIM module  I want drive respond for communication link . Best regards  Remon   
  9. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    Dear Joe  No 28 =48HZ minimum frequency zero  kindely see this troubleshoot manual page 41 best regards 
  10. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    Thanks for your reply  yes I wrote parameter no 28 =48 . and i didn’t have TB3 at all in my drive . thanks for your support. best regards   
  11. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    Thanks for your reply  yes I wrote parameter no 28 =48 . and i didn’t have TB3 at all in my drive . thanks for your support. best regards   
  12. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    When plc give vfd frequency to work on it . Best regards 
  13. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    Hey guys  I need to your support  I have plc system Slc503 connected to 1336 plus via 1747-sn scanner and remote I/O module 1336 GM1. Communication led at scanner fixed green and four leds at remote I/O module 1336 GM1 green . it mean I already have true communication between plc system and 1336 plus VFD . when I give order to plc system the VFD didnt carry out the order . when I press on start button on HIM module at vfd the frequancy go out from the VFD and motors working . THE PROBLEM : VFD DIDNT RESPONSE FOR PLC SYSTEM  KNOWING THE PROGRAMING POINTS AT VFD  NO 6: FREQUENCY SELECT :PRESET F2 NO 7 :ACCEL TIME :14 SEC NO 8: DECEL TIME :14 SEC NO 10:STOP SELECT1 :RAMP  NO 12 :DC HOLD TIME :12 SEC  NO 13: DC HOLD LEVEL :50% NO 19: MAXIMUM FREQUACY :48 HZ NO :28 PRESET FREQUANCY 2: 48 HZ NO :111 DATA IN A1 :28 NO :119 DATA OUT A1 :66 NO : 177 MOTOR NP RPM:950 rpm NO :178 MOTOR NP HERTZ : 50 HZ NO :190 MOTOR NP VOLTS :415 V WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE VFD 1336 PLUS RESPONSE FOR PLC SYSTEM ? ALOT OF THANKS TO ALL  BEST REGARDS 
  14. panelview 550 auto test failing

    A lot of thanks m’y dear . I owe to you with this. But I don’t have backup from my application and already at my site I have anew one . And the panel didn’t open to can load application from it . best regards .
  15. panelview 550 auto test failing

    Thanks for your support my dear but I am can i make  reflashing.  Best regards