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  1. connecting 4 cpm2a in one pc

    Hello, Your case might be similar to my case. but I use CJ1M with RS232 serial port. First thing I did was converting the serial to ethernet using Serial to ethernet converter (in my case it is MOXA 5110A RS232) . After that I connected all Ethernet ports to a switch then one cable from the switch to the PC. Then, configure the Moxa converter itself to allow communication between the PC and the PLC.Then using the nport drive manager software i was able to create a virtual com port that the PLC program (CX-P or CX-S) can recognize.
  2. Hello Mr Michael, I Will Check if there's some kind of problem with the grounding. Thank you for you time and help sir.
  3. Well, when i checked the dipswitch it was already off,  The default serial port setting was as attached, I changed the settings as you said. At first it did some uploading errors, but then it worked and the errors disappeared. But now I have noticed that the PLC is talking longer to connect and alot of times it fails to upload. But when it uploads and works everything works great, and no errors appear. It is just confusing you see. Thank you again for your time and help sir.
  4. Hello, Thank you so much sir, That actually worked and the errors disappeared. I really appreciate it. But if I may ask, would you ( if you have time of course) explain to me what was that problem ? was the data transfer rate from the PLC to the PC slow so it resulted in some kind of communication error ? Again, Thank you sir. I really appreciate it. Have a good day.
  5. Hello, Thanks for your reply, the pinout of the cable i am using is the same one as you have shown. The cable also works with other PLCS, which is really confusing.
  6. Hello, I have PLC Omron CJ1M/CPU11, the problem is whenever i connect the PLC to my PC (laptop) via serial port and try to go direct online using cx-programmer either it fails to upload or the following errors occurs   These errors only appear when the machine start working when the machine stops the errors disappear, this happens only when i connect via serial port. I tried connecting via peripheral port, no errors appeared which is kinda weird. I tried changing the cable, it didnt work. Any help ? Thanks in advance and have a nice day.
  7. Connecting 4 PLCS to One PC and CX-supervisor

    Hello Mr Innoaloe, Actually there is a way to do a virtual serial port and send the data through the ethernet port on the pc the moxa nport server then will unpack the packet and transparently send it to the appropriate serial device , I will try what you just said hoping that it will work. Thank you for your reply, It was very helpful. Have a nice day.
  8. Connecting 4 PLCS to One PC and CX-supervisor

    Hello Mr Garry, The PLCS are CJ1M/CPU13, They have no built-in Ethernet port only Serial RS232 port. So the only ports that are available are the Serial RS232 ports. As I said I have four Serial to Ethernet Converters  (MOXA NPORT 5110) I want to know how to connect them all together and configure the CX-supervisor so I can control all the PLCS. Thank you for your reply and have a nice day.
  9. Hello, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join your awesome community. I am pretty much a beginner in using more than one PLC so please bare with me. This is my problem so far, I have four C1JM PLCS with no Ethernet port built into them BUT I also have four serial to Ethernet converters (MOXA NPORT 5110) and a switch. I want to make a small control room so that I can control all of the PLCS from a single PC using CX-Supervisor. My problem is that i don't know how to make a network between the four PLCS and the PC and how to configure them on CX-Programmer and CX-Supervisor so that i can control all the four PLCS from one PC.  Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance and have a nice day :)