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  1. Slow serial communication

    Cable is double shielded and 3m length. With the PC I got the right data at any baud rate, but with PLC I got corrupted data or no data at baud rates higher than 2400.
  2. Slow serial communication

    I have to receive data via serial port from a device and I am using a FX5U with RS232 port.  The only baud rate which seems to work is 2400, which is very low in my opinion. I have tested the serial comm on the device with a PC, same cable and it works flawlessly at 57600 baud rate. The FX5U and device serial settings are similar. Any ideea what can cause the low speed?
  3. I have the following array received from the RS232 port: RD_data[0]=H0020 RD_data[1]=H0030 RD_data[2]=H0030 RD_data[3]=H0030 RD_data[4]=H0031 RD_data[5]=H0035 RD_data[6]=H002E RD_data[7]=H0032 RD_data[8]=H0036 which means " 00015.26" how do I convert it to the real number 15.26 in FX5U PLC? SOLUTION: I used BTOW to set the data for EVAL instruction