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  1. Run Powerflex 525 from keypad?

    You can disregard the former question.  I was informed that it is OK (at least in this application.)
  2. Run Powerflex 525 from keypad?

    One more question: If I have a 525 configured for 2 HP by factory defaults but the motor is 1 HP can I leave it like that?  If not, how do I set the parameters to 1 HP without causing a Mismatch C-P error.   I had a couple of drives set to 1 HP.  Rockwell support told me to reset to factory settings.  Now they pop up in RSLinx as 2 HP drives. Sorry for the weirdness here.  I was dumped on site with no former knowledge of the company and how it sets things up.  
  3. Run Powerflex 525 from keypad?

    Thanks so much TimWilborne.  It worked for some of them.  Of course there was a bad drive in the bunch.  And one I had to factory reset.  I appreciate it.
  4. Run Powerflex 525 from keypad?

    No.  They have been pre-programmed.  
  5. I'm having trouble with some Powerflex 525 drives. Right now what I need to do is run them manually from the keypad to test conveyor belts.  Is there a way to do this and if so how?   Thanks in advance.