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  1. ORG(889)

    Hi i am new to CXX and OMRON and struggling to understand ORG (889) function.  How do we set the origin position of a Servo motor shaft at 180degrees or 90 degrees? 
  2. Siemes CPU216 2BD23-0XBD Issue

    yes 1800 is direct from CPU. VW70 is where the HMI value goes.
  3. High Speed Counter Problem

    Hi Forum High speed counter on Siemens CPU226 is playing up. CV reading from it does not match to PV and keeps increasing and increasing. Eg PV set at 1800 but CV just keep increasing past this point. I cant clearly see if it jumps above the 1800 point so does not  register as having reached the value.   Is this a problem with PLC or the Encoder?   thanks
  4. Siemes CPU216 2BD23-0XBD Issue

    guys any replies/help? may be i did not ask the question in right manner?
  5. Siemes CPU216 2BD23-0XBD Issue

    Hi experts, having issues with this Siemens CPU216  with either hardware or software.  When I input value in VW70 via HMI, there is no effect observed ie nothing happens. in fact, sometimes, the whole machine cycle is disrupted at times without any proper explanation. I have to reload the programme to CPU to get to work. Value input in VW 70  value is the last cycle of machine where CV from an encoder is compared with PV and output is given accordingly. In addition,  yesterday when i input value of 500 to move to VW16, the whole machine process got disrupted and the machine  now just stops after couple of steps. I then re-input the value of 1800 (which was the original value) but to no effect. I could not observe the values in chart status either. Whats going on? experts please help. Porgramme pdf file attached.   fas pdf (4).pdf
  6. OMRON Sysmac CPMA

    Yes its a CPM2A and need to understand how Input and output work. Eg, is COM always negative? and how does sensor work work with this unit, ie do we supply  24v+ and -,  and then return wire back to input..just get confused and confused.
  7. OMRON Sysmac CPMA

    Hi,newbie to OMRRON and trying to understand its hardware terminals ie COM, input and ouput. Cant seem to workout how the basic wiring is done in hardware. Any pointers/material much apperciated.