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  1. Medoc Keystrokes

    Hi   I have an old F1 PLC I need to reprogram. I am using MEDOC to do this. Can anybody remember the keystrokes I need to add a number to a data register. i.e. [ADD D0 K1 D0] I got as far as pressing '8' but everything I then type gives me the message invalid instruction.   Any help gratefully received.
  2. C500/C120 Support

    Hi Could anybody tell me if the C500/C120 support tool in CX Programmer uploads the I/O table when it uploads the program from a C500. I have already backed up a program from a C500 using SYSWIN but SYSWIN doesn't allow me to edit, create or generate an I/O table, so when the program is downloaded to a sister machine, I get I/O errors that can't be cleared. Any help grateully received
  3. Hi I am using RSLogix 5000 and have been using the Search Results window without a problem. One time I undocked it and shifted it out of the way and now it has disapeared and I can't seem to get it back, has this happened to anyone else and does anybody know how to resolve this issue? Many Thanks
  4. Factorytal View Studio problems

    gitargr8 Many thanks for your time in replying, but the comms on this system are DH+ not ethernet. I don't know if it only happens at first powerup though as holding up production at a major motor car manufacturer can be costly, I just reverted to the working s/ware asap :) so maybe next time I will try off and on again.
  5. Hi I am trying to do a simple mod to a project on a factorytalk view me system. I got the packaged file from the developer and opened it up into FT view studio, it opens fine, I add a tag and a numeric item to a screen then turn it into a .mer file and load it into the versview plus 1000. I get various comms errors so I assume that the packaged file I got from the developer wasn't upto date. So next I upload the working .mer file from the screen, use the application manager to turn it back into an editable file, again do the 1 tag mod, turn it back into a .mer and load it onto the screen and I get errors at startup on a blue banner. a sample of the errors are ! write 1 to PV\Pagenum ! write 45 to {PVSys_seconde} ! write 2 to {PVSys_minute} !unable to open display If I clear these and go onto the hmi screens, it appears that I am able to operate it ok writing and reading from the PLC. It seems very weird that adding a single tag can do this. My problem is that I only have a couple of hours between shifts at this place to get it going else I have to revert to the original program for production. Any help or anybody elses experience would be gratefully received.
  6. Configuring RIO 1794-0e4 with PLC5 40

    Hi Just for information. I have the module working now. I had to set it up manually by configuring bits in the control word that is being BTW'd into the module. I had neglected to set the muliplexer bits to '1' so the safe level output was being delivered to the output instead of the value I wanted. Thanks for the help all.
  7. Configuring RIO 1794-0e4 with PLC5 40

    Hi Thanks for getting back to me. Part of the problem is that cannot get the setup screen, it says that modules aren't available. Reading the manual, there is no mention of the config screen so I thought it may be normal. I guess I have done something wrong in the I/O config, but I don't know what.
  8. Hi I am trying to add a 1794-0e4 module to an existing rack. The plc is a PLC5 l40 enhanced jobby. The rack (rack3) originally consisted of a 1794-ASB and 6off 1794-OV16, the I/O configuration on rack 3 was set to 3/4 and I changed this to full. The 1794-oe4 is in 7th position (slot6) I am using BTR and BTW to setup and read from the module, I have them setup as Rack 3, Group 6, Module 0. The reads and writes go through OK no errors, but I don't get any output from the module. My control block is N17:0 and is set to zero. My data block N18:0, N18:0 - 3 are my analog values, N18:5 setsup the module as 4-20mA so bits 8 - 11 are set to 1. I would appreciate help from anybody who can see where I am going wrong. Many Thanks Al
  9. Mitsubishi A series PLC Query

    Hi Can anybpdy tell me the difference between the AY13E and AY13EU modules on a A3N CPU system. I know that they are both 32 point relay output modules but wondered if they are interchangeable. Many Thanks for any advice.
  10. Fanuc 90 30 Programming software

    Hi Can someone tell me the name of the programming software used on Fanuc 90-30 series. Many thanks
  11. Omron C1000H

    Thanks BobB The job I have had the enquiry about is obviously an old installation, would it have been the norm' to install any of these items in the original installation or are they all items that the programmer would have taken away? Many thanks for all your advice!
  12. Omron C1000H

    [Hi Many thanks for that beegee.
  13. Omron C1000H

    Hi Thanks for that, I already looked through all of that but could find very little info specific to c1000h, I don't want to turn up on site ill-equipped. So any specific info would be v.helpful
  14. Omron C1000H

    Hi Could someone tell me what cable / interface I need to connect a C1000h to a PC running Syswin. Any info greatfully recieved
  15. Mitsubishi SC-03 cable diagram

    Hi Thanks for your reply, I am sure that you are correct, but if I had the pin outs I could handle the 232 - 422 / 485 conversion.