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  1. End code unknown

    Thanks @gclshortt for your answer, I didnt know this omron library, i will give it a try. Anyway i could find the solution. I have changed the node number in the command to 00 and it works, it seems like IP layer covers these section and no need to specify it in the FINS command.
  2. End code unknown

    Hello I have problems when  trying to communicate with my cj1m. Recently, i have added an ETN11 ethernet module and i can now communicate with the PLC using CX-programer. But the problem is i cant communicate with my python script to read something. I just want to read CIO area 2 from bit 0 to bit 15. But Wireshark tells me that the end code is differente than completed. I cant find anywhere the end code 9005, any ideas?   Thanks  
  3. CIP betwen CJ2M and NS8 HMI

    Hello @innoaloe, i can see it better now. I can see the five DM memory request that i was searching, and i supose all the other memory addreses that the NS is requesting. Where can i get a manual to identify the b0 -> CIO, 82-> DM, ....??     I Found them in the manual W342! Additionally, i wrote to omron and they say me that the codes 0x54 and 0x4a that i see in the captures are not from them. Thank you again.
  4. CIP betwen CJ2M and NS8 HMI

    i have understood this procces, I could see how it worked with MolexEIP Tool. The big problems is the 8th point, i'm always seeing "SendUnitData" (requests and responses) frames but i cant undestand the FINS commands encapsulated inside.
  5. CIP betwen CJ2M and NS8 HMI

    Ok, i found the problem, i was working in an XP machine as a user without administrators rights, and the browse options didnt work, i tried it with admin user and it could see the PLCs list, and i can connect. Resuming a little bit, when I connect via CP1L it does with FINS protocol ( i tough this protocol worked with UDP), and with EIP node online it does with Ethernet/IP protocol. When the CJ2M communicates with NS HMI, it does with Ethernet/IP but encapsulating with specific FINS commands for omron? Thanks a lot, you are helping me so much!
  6. CIP betwen CJ2M and NS8 HMI

    @innoaloe, i am trying to connect cx-programmer to the PLC as you said, but it gives me an error: It says that with the "examinar" button i can analyze the network for searching, but i read that with  static IP (i have static IP for the 3 PLC) it doesnt work. When i try to connect as a CP1L it let me: Whats the diference betwen this two methods?
  7. CIP betwen CJ2M and NS8 HMI

    Thast rigth Michael Walsh, i want to learn more about comunication in this PLC enviroment. How can i take a closer look of an implicit comunication with my equipement? I have an educational sample of SMC called ITS-200 (, and it has 3 CJ2M with a NS series HMI, and the I/O modules are directly conected to de PLCs body or rack . Samplel photos (
  8. CIP betwen CJ2M and NS8 HMI

    Hello I'm comming with another issue. I'm stiil working in my problem but this time i have another one. When i connect my cj2m to cx-programmer, i cant undestand anything. Its a FINS communication or EIP? wireshark cant decode nothing. But cx-programmer works perfect. I don't understand nothing.... CX-PROGRAMMER.pcapng
  9. CIP betwen CJ2M and NS8 HMI

    OK, thanks innoale, i will try with the manual and see what can i do.
  10. CIP betwen CJ2M and NS8 HMI

    Yes, the PLC and the HMI are connected and they communicate perfect. It reads values from the memory and show those in the screen. Yes i want to replicate the the traffic betwen the PLC and the HMI, and identify the values read from de PLC. I'm trying to find any manual from Omron to know about the special codes, but i didn't find anything yet.
  11. CIP betwen CJ2M and NS8 HMI

    I supose so. I was trying with indusoft web studio (SCADA software), and betwen those two the comunication is on FINS ( udp ), here is the proof: Indusoft_FINS.pcapng The thing is, betwen the CJ2M and NS i guess the comunication is on EIP (the packets are TCP), but wireshark does not know how to decode it?? When i did the same with Molex EIPTool it knows how to do it. I dont understand really whats going on.
  12. CIP betwen CJ2M and NS8 HMI

    Hello I'm quit new in this world and i have several doubts about the comunication of EIP. I'm trying to capture the comunication betwen a CJ2M and an NS8 HMI. I was trying with MolexEIPtool, so i could understand better the communication process and i did a little. Here is the wireshark capture of an get all attributes request: CIP_Molex_tool.pcapng  (The last two packets are  another unconnected request). I can see the request for list services, the register sesion request and the Forward open request. Then, i can see the request for service "get_attributes_all" and how the cj2m responses with all the attributes. Finally, the forward close request. But when i put my computer betwen the two devices, i cant figure it out what is happening. Here is the capture: CIP_OMRON.pcapng I can see that the packets are "SendUnitData", so i think it is a connected transmision, but wireshark cant decode the rest of the frame, so i dont know whats going on. Thanks