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  1. eMB-60R Not Detected

    I really do apologize for having not detailed my steps, but I also tried that one though... .. Guess I'll just have to try on another PC though... 
  2. eMB-60R Not Detected

    Tried it in a desktop and laptop.. both with the same result... ....   
  3. eMB-60R Not Detected

    Hi appreciate the reply, and apologies if I left that note.. I tried the DirectEthernetUtility and to note there is no problem with my connection to NJ, I can connect it just fine using USB, direct Ethernet and by switch hub. All works fine. My concern is e robot contoller, the display shows an IP of so I set my PC IP settings to for example with a subnet of even ACE 'Connect To Controller' option, or using the AdeptRobotIPAddressSetting Tool, it cannot detect the robot controller. Displays nothing, triedd all connection ways by connecting the robot to NJ, by directly connecting the robot by Ethernet, or by using a hub and setting those address stated above. No IP of the robot displays. I have a eMB-60R controller with two ethernet ports. Strang thing is I tried pinging the robot IP address with a return reply, and ARP on prompt seeing that the IP can be seen by my PC with my settings but it seems SYSMAC or ACE cannot recognize the controller. Please help...
  4. eMB-60R Not Detected

    Already turned off the Wifi, only lan card is active, and tried both subnet and subnet... Controller still can't be seen... 
  5. eMB-60R Not Detected

    Thanks for the insight but generally I already followed the whole thing. Already did it with the controller's given IP, but still no controller detected. Is something wrong with the way I connect things? Or am I not suppose to use a hub?  Just the controller to the PLC then usb connect the NJ to the PC?...
  6. My apologies for being a newbie on this, but could someone save me on this... I have a Viper 650 and an eMB-60R controller which I want to control by ePLC connection using an NJ501-1300 PLC unit, SYSMAC Studio with EIP Adept Library for Robot... All are starting up well, and I connect all components to a switch hub...  But following the ePLC guidelines, the IP Address showing on the controller is I change the IPV4 IP Address on the PC settings to and the subnet to but the Adept IP Address Setting Tool on SYSMAC doesn't detect the Robot IP Address, also i tried ipconfig on command prompt which shows a different IP Address IPV4 and subnet of, I changed the previous setting on the PC setting to with the same subnet. But still PC doesn't recognize. I tried both configurations if ACE Software can detect it but the same ACE can not detect it also... Appreciate any thoughts on what's wrong in my configurations. Thank you.