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    Hi, I try to find a possible solution of your problem. I have two and half ideas: 1. If you have a VB code on the above mentioned device then you can simply create a type from this script (D&D into Project library \ Types). This way in panel you have a VB Type intance (e.g. 1.0.0 and without editing type and refreshing instance version in PNV it is not possible to overwrite code). If it it happens instance and type version will be increased. e.g. 1.0.1 . But the older code version will be also available until it is deleted. 2. In VB scripts it is also allowed create,  read, write simple files e.g. Txt. I think you can simply write an extra vb script which can compare the source code and the actual one. 3. As I know it is possible to set Know-How protection for scripts in TIA. Without giving the password it is not possible to change or see even the script. Maybe available in V14 SP1. (half idea)