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  1. VHSC5/C

    Hey all. Wondering if anyone has an example program they'd be willing to share? Specifically I'm using the 1734-VHSC5/C with a 1769-L18ER-BB1B PLC. All of Rockwell's wonderful information only refers to SLC-500 platform. I'm not trying to do anything terribly fancy, just have a quadrature encoder attached to Channels A & B, then using an output to turn on a valve at 8.0" and turn off at 10.0" Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hello all. This is my first encounter with Rockwell's 2711R (PV800) HMI's. I am using model 2711R-T4T.   After putting together the screen programs, which include a number of Numeric Entry objects I quickly realized that the numeric entry dialog object is absolutely Unusable! Each of the keys are less that .125" square. Anybody have a suggestion or a work-around for this lackluster design?  BTW, I have tried to attach a screen shot showing the miniscule data entry dialog, but I keep getting an error saying Max file size id 3.91MB, even though the file is only 622KB
  3. Hey guys, Does anyone out there have any examples using a 1734-VHSC5 with a 1769-L18ER CompactLogix processor? All of Rockwell's crappy documentation refers to SLC-500 / PLC-5.      
  4. CanaanP, Thanks for putting this info out there. I am having difficulty in getting your Macro example to work. I entered it exactly as you have it displayed, but my CurrentLanguage tag in the PLC does not update. Any suggestions?  
  5. Hi All. Was wondering if anyone has any ladder logic examples for controlling a Keyence CV-X vision system. There does not seem to be any examples listed on Keyence's website.  I have the CV-X connected to Logix via Ethernet/IP and it does respond to trigger commands. I am having some issues with changing programs in the CV-X controller via PLC control. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks  
  6. Registering EDS Files

    Hey guys, thanks for the ideas. I did try all of the things I could think of logically. Ended up on the phone with RA Tech Support for a total of 6 hours over 2 days. Of course one of their suggestions was to Uninstall ALL versions of RSLogix5000 and Studio5000, which just that alone takes over 2 hours. I then re-installed Studio ver. 30. Still no luck. The next thing the gal looked at was for the proper version of RSLinx. Hmmmmmm I only had RSLinx Enterprise. OK, so install RSLinx Classic for Studio ver. 30. Still no luck. So next the gal takes remote control of my machine and wants to STOP all services using MSConfig. Now we are getting into some pretty serious stuff. After doing that and rebooting, lo and behold, the EDS Installer Worked! OK, well having to shut down all of those services is pretty danged invasive. So I tried one other thing, I ran the EDS Installer from the Windows menu by Rt-Clicking and choosing Run as Administrator. That worked! wow maybe someone else will read this thread and save themselves DAYS of pain and anguish.   Program on Excellent Dudes!
  7. Hey everyone, I seem to have gotten myself into a whopper of a problem at work. I am trying to register an EDS file in Studio 5000 ver. 30. The EDS file is from Bihl-Wiedemann for an ASi Gateway device. In Studio I am going to Tools, then EDS Hardware Installation Tool, then I drill down to where I have the EDS file saved, select it and click Next, Next. Then I get the message at the end saying You have successfully completed the EDS Wizard, and there are no errors in the error box. Great! Except now when I go to the Ethernet Tree and attempt to add this device, There are no Bihl-Wiedemann devices available. I have also tried this with an IO-Link device from Turck, same result. Rockwell tech support had me Uninstall all versions of RSLogix and Studio and then reinstall just ver. 30. Did that, same result. Anybody have any great ideas for me to try?