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  1. I have a NT31C-142B-EV2 hmi and I am trying to connect it to a CJM1-CPU11 plc. When I try to use the NTLink option in CX- integrator the only HMI it will let you insert is NS HMI's. I am trying the port b on the touch screen and the serial port on the CJ unit. My questiin is, is it possible to use a NT31 hmi with a CJ1m plc. If so what software do I use to accomplish this.  Thank You JHobbs
  2. Hello and thank you for the help on my last question. I have another problem that i need help with. Is the CJ1M PLC able to be used with a NT31 touch screen. I have a DRM21 and 4 DRT2 units attached to the cpu using devicenet . I have tried to use the serial link to talk but have not had any luck. These are all components that my company was throwing  Thoughts?

    Thank you for your help . I will study the examples and will put them to good use.

    I am looking for a simple step by step instructions for communicating from CJ1MCPU11 to DRT2-OD16-1 and DRT2-in16_1 cards. I have cx programmer on my laptop and think I've got it and Then I get a H.C. flashing on the DRM21 unit with a MS led Flashing light.  I am also trying to connect to a NT31 HMI using a serial connection and could use help with that also. Don't even get me started on the programming for both. So a sample program would be appreciated.  Help me Obi wan you're my only hope.