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  1. Jiskoot modbus

    Do you by chance remember the pin out? I tried a null modem also without luck. Thanks
  2. Does anyone have experience with a Jiskoot Insight controller? Im trying to establish communications between it and a MVI69-MCM. I have checked and rechecked all my settings. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Thanks
  3. MNET to OMNI

    Has anyone written a string to an OMNI via MCM-MVI56?
  4. MNET to OMNI

    Ok, so, it looks like the floats have to be "word swap" when you set up the commands in the MNET. Problem solved. Thank you fellas
  5. Good morning all, does anyone have any experience communicating to an OMNI Flow Computer through a MNET card, Im getting data back but it is not what i expected.  Should I be using Enron/Daniels? Byte Swapping? Thanks
  6. CompactLogix Hart

    On their website they have a AOP that is for version 17 i believe.  Is this still necessary with version 21 and up?  Or is this card like the control logix 1756-IF16H that can be analog or hart?
  7. Has anyone used a 'Spectrum 1769sc-IF4IH' hart card?  I am currently using studio 5000 vr 24.