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  1. HELP! Wiring 1214C DC/DC/DC CPU

    So the l1 is going to be the input from the power supply, correct?  since the supply is a 120vac in/24vdc out, i would run the 24v to the input of the cpu since it is the dc/dc/dc model.  Then the #4 is going to run the power to my PB's or toggles, and then back to my inputs so when the switch is pressed, it will activate that input.  am i on the right track?  Then the outputs, im not sure what exactly i need to do.  power to the 1 &6, which leaves 6 lights all wired to a neutral?
  2. HELP! Wiring 1214C DC/DC/DC CPU

    I am currently finishing my A.S. in Engineering Technology.  My Capstone course is to wire up a complete S7-1200 system using a 1214C DC/DC/DC CPU.  There have been no courses that have explained exactly how they are wired.  Only programming, which I am pretty good with.  There is a 120VAC to 24VDC power supply.  They want it to be wired to switches and lights for a simulator.  I am just not sure exactly how the I/O's are wired.  Is is sinked or sourced?  As far as I know, one sends the ground to the output, and one sends the 24v to the output.  I would love to speak with someone on how to wire this, as once I graduate, this is what I want to be doing, but I am stuck in a hard place as none of my classes taught us how to wire the PLC's and even worse, the programming class was all about AB PLC's.  I have not learned about Siemen's at all.  They should be pretty close to the same, but I know there has to be some differences.  Also, how they have it set up, there are 2 power supplies on the plastic panel just to the left of the picture.  This seems to me as this is a sinking I/O.  Am i off?