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  1. C# CompactLogix Ethernet/IP Communication

    Thanks all,
  2. C# CompactLogix Ethernet/IP Communication

    I downloaded AdvancedHMI, VB can be communicate with AB PLC, bur C# can not. There is no reference for compactlogix. what is solution?
  3. C# CompactLogix Ethernet/IP Communication

    I have never seen anywhere. I guess. :)  I think that why they give free? I will load to end user PC. Do I need to license?
  4. C# CompactLogix Ethernet/IP Communication

    Advancedhmi is free for students. But I will use it in industries. so it can be problem in the future. read carrefuly my message which is written it is looking free. (I am not sure it is free)  I will use 10 tags so I dont want to pay for Factory talk license or anothers.  I did big scada for S7 1500 in C# (247 Tags). it is verry good and free. yes, it has taken a long time to write compared  to Wincc but it is my own scada. So now I need same thing for Allen Bradley Compactlogix IP.
  5. C# CompactLogix Ethernet/IP Communication

    Thank you, kaiser_will.   I will use max 10 tags on scada. so I dont want to pay. I hope you understand me. 
  6. Hello,   I want to do a small scada for Allen bradley plc  on C#. I did a hmi/scada for Siemens S7-1500 plc on C#, it is working and free. I dont want to use Advanced  Hmi. it is looking free but I can not use it in industries as free. so I decided to use direct C#. Do anybody has sample program, code, document, library, link, etc.. about C# and Rockwell plc communication? second solution and question, if anybody has no solution; I may solve it with modbus TCP. but I dont know Compact logix L27ERM CPU support direct modbus tcp protocol. if anybody has knowledge about the modbus tcp protocol document, sample program etc.. I can try to communicate with modbus tcp C# and Allen Bradley.   Thank you in advance. 
  7. Hello, I want to create new small scada in C# for AllenBradley Compactlogix L27ERM PLC via Ethernet/IP. How can I do it? I will do 1 page and 5 tags. 
  8. Compactlogix PLC read/write data Excel via Ethernet/IP

    Thanks all, I don't know what is AdvancedHMI, I heard first time. I can learn but I have a question. Does AdvancedHMI need a license?  I will use it at the industrial system, license can be problem for me. 
  9. FactoryTalk Data Loging to Excel

    Thanks kaiser_will, I did your advise and added a picture example LOG list. I can see, save as csv format and open with excel, this is good  news for me.  I need another advise from you. I created 4 log tags and decribed as change on trig. in this case, only changed tag is logged. I want that if any  tag is changed, all 4 tags should be logged. because they 4 tags are a group for me.  if it is not possible, I will try something in the plc program.  Thanks in advance...
  10. Compactlogix PLC read/write data Excel via Ethernet/IP

    Hello AndrewG, I have inserted  the link of EthernetIP Excel Communication where is at bottom.  If you are available, you may check for me. http://plc2k.com/how-to-read-values-from-controllogix-l61-directly-in-excel/
  11. FactoryTalk Data Loging to Excel

    Hello, I am trying to do data logging to excel. I have created data module for 4 tags and logging looking like is ok but logging format is not undurstandable. I have added my logged file at the attached.  How can I see it as excel file and understandable? Log_periodic_1.log
  12. Read/Write Access DB

    Hello Shebin,   did you find a solution? I need a solution like you, if you found please share with me.   Thank you.
  13. Compactlogix PLC read/write data Excel via Ethernet/IP

    I added a zip file about communication between excel and controllogix. I have tried but it is not successful. maybe because of compactlogix.  do you have an idea? EthernetIP_Excel_Communication.zip
  14. Compactlogix PLC read/write data Excel via Ethernet/IP

    Thanks AndrewG, I have checked the links. First one is about rslink. Can do it withour rslink? Because, I have rslink and all rockwell software (studio5000,rslogix5000,factorytalk,rslink and license etc..) but some pc has no software and license. can I use as a free rslink, download on internet, I dont know is it possible? If possible, I want only excel & allenbradley. if rslink can be used free depend on permission of Rockwell, your first link is ok, I will try it. also the second link looking like same. But I have rslink classic lite, so it is not possible for me to use rslink dde/opc. 
  15. hello, I have Allen Bradley 1769-L27ERM Compactlogix CPU. I want to connect,communicaton, read and write data between PLC&excel via ethernet/IP.  I have found some things what is about controllogix plc & excel. I have tried it but it wasn't work with compactlogix, also I am not sure that it is work with controllogix. I need help, thank you...