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  1. Point I/O 1734-AENT to LabvIEW

    Hello Kaiser_will, Thank you, about your questions. I can ping 1734 module from the PC, actually I have gotten information from LabVIEW module with class = 1, instance = 1 and attribute = 7 and this information was the model of module (1734-AENT adapter Ethernet), but this information I do not want to get, the desired information is to read inputs slots and to write to outputs slots. and of course, I have Ethernet/IP driver for LabVIEW. The section where you need to configure the class, instance and attribute information is in the web server (as show in the attached image gotten for the datasheet) but my problem is that for my point I/O this section (diagnostic messaging) is not able and I do not know why. Can you have any suggestion or idea for my problem? I hope you can help me. Thanks anyway. Carlos Luevano Test Engineer specialized in Development Software LabVIEW.
  2. Point I/O 1734-AENT to LabvIEW

    Hello, I am new in PLCs, I hope you can help me. We are working to communicate point I/O 1734-AENT Series B to PC (LabVIEW) by Ethernet/IP. We need to read inputs from slots and need to write output to slots and the library we are using in LabVIEW needs class, instance and attribute parameter to comunícate with specific slot. I read those parameters you can configure that in the web page allen bradley (you put the IP point I/O in the browser internet) and then configure those parameters in the tab diagnostic messaging but for my case that tab is not visible, so I could not configure this part. Can anybody help for that? and help me to give me more information about class, instance and attribute CIP (Common Industrial Protocol). Best regards Carlos Luevano Test Engineer specialized in Development Software LabVIEW.