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  1. CT021 and IORD

    Hi Aaron,  I am strugling with this right now. below print screens. Dip swith set to circular mode. Machine/unit nr , it read encoder's pulses which i can see on register 2122 but ca not get this rate value. Any hints?   edit: ok, i noticed tha unit number i set on 10 not 1 but even then(after correction) i doesnt work.  
  2. Version of cx is 9.03. Below are settings I uploaded pic with and video of com port reaction while autoonline is on. cable is usb-com, i bought it to make sure that it isnt cable foult. And it seems that problem is on PLC side. But i have no idea what that can be. Its 3rd day i am fighting with this, i need some breaktrhu moment,  help me please....:D Video is too big to upload it but led is blinking as hell so there has to be connection. The com port test says that data were transmited and i can see led blinks each time i press send. Maybe it doesnt get confirmation from PLC, if yes, how to fix it?
  3. That is excatly what i do, i have tried few configuration of port in PLC, and yes i am changing settings of com port in PC. Below is pic of com port scanner and there is some connection but it doesnt rcognize cpu, maybe this is a problem?
  4. i have cable like You described it , i put it wrong in previous post. But still doesnt work. please advice me smth. i bought cable to make sure that is not cable, also new serial port do pc and still nothing. how to proceed?
  5. Hi everyone, I got difficulties to get a connection between PC an PLC CP1E using serial connection.  Pc com1 port configuration: 9600, 7,2,E PLC rs232 settings: 9600, 7,2,E - host link cable configuration: pc d-sub9 female---------plc d-sub9 male housing---screen----housing 2----------------2 3----------------3 4-5           4-6                  7-8 9----------------5 When i am trying auto online option I  can see that diode is blinking but connection attempt is failed in the end. What am I doing wrong? Please help.
  6. Reading of Encoder

    Thanks, for answer. That was it with dividing with /L. I figured it out until now but i apreciate that You answered anyway. Many thanks and have a good weekend. Regards
  7. Reading of Encoder

    Hello,  This is my first post. I am trying to make a programm which has to measure length of the fabric and cut requested length. PLC is CP1e20ndra and encoder is E6B2-CWZ5B. All is connected and counter is working how it suppose to but i got a problem with surround it with propper math/functions to get desired result. Resolution is 1000 P/R. I am using measuring wheel with 200mm circut. Some how it gives me 4000 pulses per revolution. I am using linear mode. 4000p=200mm so to get value in cm i multiplied encoder's signals with 5 and divide it with 1000. I will miss fractional results but accuracy of 1 cm is eanugh. So i implemented easy math to do that but results seems to be false. I was thinking maybe data type range is not wide enaugh or so but i am using Dword for all registers. I aslo want machine to wind slow for a first 200cm of winding then speed up and slow down again like 200cm before it reach requested length and of course stop when it get there. Please have a look on my programm and give me some tips how to handle it. I know this are basics but this is first time i am working with encoder. encoderPF.cxp