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  1. Axis Attribute Error

    Sorry for the late late post. Our issue was that we had a bad encoder. We even had our "PLC God" (really cool guy from Rockwell) come in and couldn't figure out why our programming was not working. He decided to take the unit back and was like "I'd be surprise if your encoder went bad". It did. 
  2. Axis Attribute Error

    Hello All, First time working with PLC. Get the hang of it from stuff I researched. Having an issue with an axis setup for a servo motor.  When I try to do an auto tune it gives me an error that axis is not configured.  Source: Config Fault    Condition: MotorDeviceCode- INvalid attribute      ACtion: Immediate Stop Fault Entry: Type 8, code 9 subcode: 1314 stopaction: 4 Statechange: 3   I was wondering what am I doing wrong? Any leads or source information I can use to solve this.