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  1. SLC5/05 upgrade

    It would be Productivity 3000 most likely. I've done some DL.. it's painful.  They have good contractor remote support for AD with other production lines so they feel more confident with it. They don't have a real PLC tech on site.  I agree 500 to 5000 isn't that big a deal but... it is to old maintenance guys that don't like change.. and I'm with ya on the cross reference links in 500! I remember when I discovered that     
  2. SLC5/05 upgrade

    If it were my call, I think I'd prefer to replace the whole rack as well. In this case, it wouldn't be a real big job. This would be their first newer Allen Bradley. These guys won't like RSLogix5000(or Studio) after being on version 6 of RSLogix500 for the last 15-20 years but, oh well Thanks for the tips on the IO mapping. I'll keep that in mind As much as I hate to say it, it looks like we may be stuck with Automation Direct. Everyone trying to save a buck   
  3. SLC5/05 upgrade

    Thanks for the info. Their main goal is to upgrade their PLC's to something that is supported.  At the moment I'm just trying to decide what options to look in to. Looks like your Option A and B will suffice for the Rockwell options. I'll look into it further.  
  4. SLC5/05 upgrade

    I appreciate the response. It's a real simple rack I bet that will work
  5. SLC5/05 upgrade

    I'm being asked to come up with ways to upgrade an old 5/05 rack. A few years ago I thought I remembered Allen Bradley having a special rack that would allow a new processor control various old IO types. Does anyone remember the name of that system? and has anyone used it? We will probably replace with an Automation Direct PLC (per their request) but, want to offer an Allen Bradley solution as well