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  1. Good morning, my customer is looking for a contractor that can service a customer in Batesville MS. The immediate need is for someone to go in and reload a Guardlogix PLC that infrequently losses its program when there is a power loss. Long term I suspect the power supply is the cause and now that the supply chain is getting a bit better, we'll want to exchange in a true AB power supply. Please PM me if this is something you can help with and I'll get back with you later this afternoon as I'm traveling during the mid-day. Thanks in advance! -Jeff
  2. converting rs232 data

    Once you've got the string from the device into a string tag in the Compactlogix, you'll probably want to isolate the variable data to another string tag that you can perform a conversion on.  See the MIDSTR instruction for that.  Then depending on what data you need, either the STOD instruction for conversion to a DINT, or the STOR instruction for conversion to a real.
  3. Welcome to the forum.  There is no method, that I'm aware of, to indirectly address module and bits via a function like you wish without mapping it to an array or other structure first.  Module input and output definitions are unique and rarely share the same map.  There are some tricks you can do with aliasing but I don't believe it would yield the same result. If the digital modules are of all the same type, an AOI(s) (similar to S7s FB) could be created that would do what you want.
  4. “GO” command in Fanuc robot program?

    GO is group output, this line will output the value 101 on group output #1.
  5. FANUC CRM5 interface

    I believe its for Fanuc's I/O link, to interface the robot directly to a Fanuc CNC controller.
  6. Doubt it, can't imagine the liability issues that would show up.
  7. What module are you trying to add?  Have you executed the latest patch rollup from RA? Try exporting the project as a .L5K file, open this export and retry.
  8. Allen Bradley + Profibus

    The robots coming with the safety fieldbus that didn't fit the application is more a condition of how the robots were ordered. A couple of times I've had to ask the robot supplier to provide Ethernet/IP instead of Profisafe and vice-versa depending on the cell's PLC brand.  The equipment buyer didn't understand or ask someone knowledgeable about what was required and blindly released a purchase order.
  9. Allen Bradley + Profibus

    Profibus would not be a good choice for any new fieldbus venture because its "old".  I've commissioned only one Profibus system in the last 15 years, all others have been Profinet.
  10. Recommend you upgrade your RSLogix v20.01 to v20.04.  May or may not fix the problem but at least you'll be current.
  11. CompacLogix 1769-L36ERM

    You'll need the BootP utility.  This assumes the PLC is fresh out of the box.  If the PLC was previously set with a IP address and/or the BOOTP setting in the PLC is turned off, this procedure will fail. This is the procedure I use: Connect a ethernet cable directly from your PC to the PLC. Disable all ethernet ports other than the one you are using to connect to the PLC. Open the BootP utility. With the PLC powered up, you should begun to see requests from the PLC for settings.  Embedded in the request will be the MAC address of the PLC's ethernet port which you should be able to verify against the label on the PLC. Select the request and press the ADD RELATION button.  The dialog will ask you to fill in the desired IP address. Press OK to close the dialog.  The tool will send the necessary message to the PLC to temporarily set the IP address. Not long after you'll begin to see messages in the ENTERED RELATIONS window at the bottom of the tool.  At this point you can select to disable the BOOTP - DHCP settings in the PLC to make the IP address "permanent" (the setting will survive a cold reboot).  If not disabled, the PLC will again request a IP address after a cold re-boot.  There will be an acknowledgement of the change in the BOOTP-DHCP setting at the very bottom of tool.   Many times it says it failed, don't worry, this can be changed elsewhere, either in RSLINX or directly thru RSLogix/Studio 5000. This was mostly be memory but the most important thing is that you become familiar with the Ethenrt/IP Commissioning Tool.  There are different ones available, some geared for a specific mfg, but for the most part they do the same thing.
  12. Registering EDS Files

    Many device mfg's use Anybus gateways .  The name  Bihl-Wiedemann was found at the Anybus website after a google search.
  13. Kinetix 300 Hard Limits

    FYI if the Kinetix is a 300.  I'm commissioning a project that has one and I was unable to execute the browser/java app that is MotionView without going back to Java Version 7; newer versions, 8 & 9, complained about a security issue. The drives firmware can also be upgraded.  Its explained in the Knowledgebase article 1044877 if you get stuck.
  14. CLX to Fanuc Remote Start

    It involves mapping the robot's UI & UO to the E/IP interface.  It can be done through the teach pendant.  Unfortunately I do not have the offline Fanuc s/w to show examples and Fanuc is pretty nasty about putting up links to their manual.  PM me and I can help you.
  15. Learn something new every day, thanks!