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  1. Excel Export of Alarms in Citect SCADA 7.50.

    You can't create Excel report for alarms during run time, you should create alarms first in Excel after finish save and close Excel, then compile Citect scada graphics if anything complete no alarms, you should backups project after that you should stop run time and restore new file from back up after restore finish then start run program again The alarm report should have.
  2. PanelView C300 Micro and PanelView C400

    Hi All, I have PanelView C300 Micro HMI. It is damaged no have spare part but have spare only Panelview C400, How to convert file from panel view C300 to panel view C400? How to download file from panel view C300 to panel view C400?  
  3. Dear all, Who can help me about configure Modbus soft starter model ATS48C59Y  for Control motor, I don't know how to configure IP Address Mapping with PLC Unity Pro XL V11.0 If you know what I should do, please teach me. Thanks,
  4. Panelview plus 1000

    Dear all, I want someone help me about how to find IP address HMI of panel view plus 1000 or how to connect if we don't know IP address, Thanks ,
  5. MicroLogix 1100 CPU FAULT

    The red fault light .Is it on all the time not blinking  
  6. MicroLogix 1100 CPU FAULT

    this is  PLC for Wad Cyanide analyzers .
  7. MicroLogix 1100 CPU FAULT

    How to fix MicroLogix 1100 fault display not show  please see Photo below .
  8. Panel view plus 1000

    How to upload for backup file of Panel view 1000 ?
  9. PLC Unity Pro

    Hi Quant Thanks for suggest, how to know what version DTM support with PLC Unity pro XL V11.0 could you suggest me some technique ?
  10. PLC Unity Pro

    Hi Quant Thanks. for introduce to me right now we can solve problem this alarms but I have new problem could you help me , when not connect with Endress+Hauser not alarms. if connect with Endress+Hauser alarms DTM Used in application is not install but we already install how to solve this problem ? see photo below 
  11. PLC Unity Pro

    How to find DTM Version for install in PLC Unity Pro ?see photo below
  12. Factory Talk View studio

    Factory Talk View studio file can convert to connected component workbench for run file or not ? Who experience please suggestion  Thanks.
  13. RSLogix 5000

  14. RSLogix 5000

    After install finish can't open PLC have alarm fatal Error, how to fix it?