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  1. So, hello all. I'm new in Omron PLC. Using: CP1L-EM controll + CP1W-TS102 (x3) Problem: I need to regulate the valve with motor drive. You can meet the same in heating system for control the temperature of water. Logic is simple,  - low temperature? - open valve step-by-step - high temperature? - close the value step-by-step I always use PWM regulation, but in Omron PWM only for encoder (srsly, i don't need 10k impulses during short period of time, i need just several impulses during the time) So, i decided to use TPO. The input calue for TPO is output value from PIDAT. (W451 manual, description of TPO function, example) What's the problem?  1. I need to make difference time between impulses.  Look here: I have 55 C temperature of the water, but i need 80 C, so i need impules for 8-10 sec duration, but when the temper close to 75-79 degress i need the impuls 1-2 sec duration. And, as i read, TPO cant do this, right? Just constant duration in 1 TPO instruction, or use several TPO instruction. Other situation, i have 80 degree Celsius, but i need 50 C, so i need to close the valve.  But i have only 1 TPO! So i need to check the difference beetwen SP (set point of temperature) and PV (process value) and if it hegative - go to PIDAT #1, which connected with TPO #1 and close the valve (SP-PV need to be around 0) If i have positive value (SP-PV) i need to go to PIDAT #2 wich connected with TPO #2.....  Srsly? I cant make the measure between -100 .... 100 for 1 TPO function and use 2 digital output?  I know that 0...10v regulation is better, but i have that i have =)   Sincerely, p001p
  2. So, hello all. I'm new in Omron PLC. Using: CP1L-EM controll + CP1W-TS102 (x3) Problem: I have PT-100 sensor outside, so, cause i live in Russia, we have now -3 ... -5 under 0 =)  What i've done: I read the manual W462. Made some ladder (attached).  When i have temperature outside - i have value &2 or close to it, what means 0,2 degrees (i use Celsius) But when the temperature go down, i have &65535 and my PID go crazy.  So, i understand that it's 2 complement's but... HOW I CAN GET THE VALUE IN REAL??? (+2,0 or -5,3 and etc....)  Okay, go across the manual, what we see? (pic2)  We see the instruction for CP1L with PT-100 in range of -200...650. Ok, perfect, what i need... but... I HAVE NO SBB(051) INSTRUCTION IN MY CP1L!  So, guys, i need ur help with that. I need negaitve temperature in real with sign for using it in scaling, pid and HMI via NB-series panel.    Sincerely, p001p