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  1. Hello,

    Thank u foe the setting, i wired up the hardware and downloaded ladder into plc. But the encoder misses the pulses


    The encoder is line driver type and has output as A B Z A' B' Z'

    My local suppier says line driver encoder can work as open collector output and should be compatible, but mitsubishi channel partner recommended open collector output or use a module to make it compatible...


    Which kind of output is okay with FX5U cpu ???

  2. but came up with new issue !

    in my editor this is the basic sample design and i made as described in training manuals

    i made 2 switches and one bit lamp

    on HMI switches are visible but the bit lamp and all output devices like numerical disply is not on Physical HMI, even simulator of GT3 shows all components 

  3. presently i am just trying to use USB cable between PC and HMI & no FX5U is interfaced, here at least new graphic projects should have been uploaded, but it shows no communication and gives error and the HMI screen is frozen to Logo 'GOT SIMPLE'  Please see attachments



    Thank You


  4. Hello everyone,

    can u help me out please, quite urgent !!! :(

    i have GS2107-WTBD HMI display along with FX5U-80MT-ESS, i had one of HMI designs made on GT designer 3 by earlier designer (not in my contact now). i uploaded the graphics to HMI module and later it stuck to the initial LOGO screen and doesnt move further, moreover the HMI is not communicating with PC. i suspect it had remote password with it

    how can i remove this issue or hardware rest the HMI with factory defaults

    guidance required