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  1. Urgent help CS1 CPU Stop

    add other flags to the cpu in run output, such as Bus error, verification error etc. Then just need 1 output for hard wiring circuit?
  2. Urgent help CS1 CPU Stop

    Hello, Thanks for feedback, been looking through manual and found ‘when a power supply unit without a RUN output is used, an equivalent output can be created by programming Always on Flag (A1) as the execution condition for an output point’. I will try at weekend when no production, another quick question just to confirm, can other conditions as well as always on flag (in series) be in the rung? Thanks.  
  3. Urgent help CS1 CPU Stop

    Hello all, Require some urgent help on a project, apologies if poor explanation.... When CS1 CPU goes into stop mode in fault condition, eg fatal cycle time error, outputs retain in the state they were when CPU was stopped. In code we monitor CPU status and turn output high to pull in relay to indicate CPU status normal to wiring circuit. But if CPU goes into stop mode relay remains energise as code is not running to turn output off?? Therfore for examples conveyors keep running... How can we prevent this, can outputs be configured to go low if cpu stops? Any other ideas? Any help will be appreciate, thanks.