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  1. RS485 Async

    Hey guys I don't have much experience in PLC serial communication and I'm tasked to integrate 6 OP-905 scales with our EATON based control system. The scales are rs485 asynchronous serial communication, my concern is that if the device is not designed to be an RTU then I cannot use modbus. And if that is the case how do I talk to multiple scales using the async protocol. Has anyone done this in a similar platform? 
  2. Ethercat, Smartwire dt, or Other

    Im not sure who you have as far as electrical suppliers, we use Wille Electric here in Central California. Availibility might be an issue for you, you will need the crimp tools, free software (CodeSys, SWD Assist). I can put you in touch with someone from EATON.
  3. Ethercat, Smartwire dt, or Other

    We use alot of Smart-wire products, typically in every new cabinet build. The time savings and cost of material in control wiring is amazing, if you have EATON software and all compatable devices. If you do not it can be a pain in the ***, and the system has a pretty high learning/troubleshooting curve. Where are you based out of?