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  1. Some Basic Stuff I just can't figure out

    Thanks for the help guys. As for this question I mean on the HMI. E.G. I am displaying an integer which is the level in an vessel. Where do I tell the software this is in metres? I just can't find it.
  2. Hi There I'm just getting into Sysmac Studio and have managed to a lot of stuff OK but some minor things are bugging me. 1. Can I monitor Local Variables? 2. Is it possible to have a menu for adding ladder items (NC NO Etc.) as CX programmer? 3. Is it possible to have the engineering units show automatically on a DataEdit Object (Secs for example) as CX Designer? Thanks for looking 
  3. Hi There I've been running CX Designer and programmer in Simulation together with no issues for a few weeks now, but just today something strange happened.  The Menus at the the top of the simulation screen (where the yellow highlight is shown) have just disappeared. The buttons to close, maximize and minimize the window have gone too. I can't even move the thing! I can't make anything work properly and have no idea what I did. Can anybody help me out? I even tried to uninstall CX1 but I get lots of error messages when I do that. It seems to have lost some info somewhere along the way (which is going to be my next issue I presume), and when I did a restore the menus did come back but in Japanese! Any help greatly appreciated EDIT:- I got very frustrated and just clicked the hell out of the screen and that fixed it, so if anybody else is having the same trouble try that! Chris
  4. Unsigned Integer Addition and Subtraction

    Thanks for your help Bob I'm sure I'll be back but for now I have everything I need sorted. 
  5. Unsigned Integer Addition and Subtraction

    Hi There Bobb Thanks for the response. I kind of get what you are saying and it works fine.  In fact I have found that if I List the words as channels the maths is correct and all the warnings disappear. The instructions seem to accept channels without any problem. I am assuming that a Channel is just a word of data (16 Bits) and that the instruction reads it in in the format that it is expecting. Is this correct? Also, is it possible convert a SINT to DINT or UINT to UDINT. I have no need to do this right now but have had to in the past. I'm getting there slowly!  
  6. Hello and thanks for looking. I have spent ages trying to get my head around all of the different data types in Omron and clear all of the warnings out of the compile window but I am stuck with an issue I can't shift. I want to subtract one UINT from another in a CJ2M CPU but cannot find the instruction. I can Find /U and *U but not add or subtract.  I used -(410) which works but gives a warning as obviously it is looking for a signed INT. I also thought that maybe I could convert to UINT to INT and do it that way but still I can't find the instruction (if there is one) to do the conversion. What am I missing, it is driving me nuts.
  7. Ladder Overflowing the Window

    Hi Micheal Thanks for the response, I forgot to come back and say I think I fixed this issue. I set the Outputs to Horizontal and it went away. I don't know why this should be but it worked  
  8. How to Change Screen Model?

    Cheers Bob  I knew it would be easy but just couldn't spot the right menu.
  9. How to Change Screen Model?

    Hi There Folks Probably the easiest thing to do in the software but I cannot work out where to see, let alone change the model of the Screen. Can somebody put me out of my misery please?
  10. Half Screen when app is opened.

    It Worked for me
  11. Ladder Overflowing the Window

    Hi Anthony. Thanks for responding. I have actually tried that but it didn't work. One more bit of info, it only seems to be happening in FB's. It's actually like it's been programmed with all of the extra columns in but it does't seem sensible. Cheers Chris
  12. Ladder Overflowing the Window

    Hi Folks I'm just trying to get back into programming Omron after many years away (Syswin 3.2 was my last software!) Anyway I'm getting to grips with it slowly but right now I'm editing some software and I can't seem to make the ladder fit between the busbars for some reason. It's overflowing to the right by a crazy amount (See attachement) and the only way I can get it back inside or make it manageable is to delete all the horizontal connectors and actually move the Outputs. Am I missing something here?? Thanks for looking
  13. Column Missing In GXWorks 2 Label Editor

    Gambit you know more about this than Mitsi Tech. I know because I rang them and they couldn't help. What you said worked perfectly Well kind of anyway. I still have to enter the label, entering the device doesn't bring the label up but it's a lot easier to follow. By Structured do you mean structured text? Thanks for your help  EDIT I just found the structured project manual. I'm going to look at that.
  14. Column Missing In GXWorks 2 Label Editor

    Hello Again Gambit. As you can see this is all a bit taxing to me. I think I've sussed my problem out now.  I thought that if I entered the label for a device in my code (on an output for example) it would automatically show the device as well and vice versa. This doesn't appear to be the case and I can enter either but they don't pick each others comments up. Thanks for looking though. Now to try and tackle arrays