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  1. Hello When I right click on 'Main program' and click 'Add' then click 'New routine'.  I can only add a ladder diagram, nothing else.  I have the Mini Edition, is that why? Thanks!
  2. Thanks, the L_MVM works well with the mask set to all 1s.
  3. Hello I need to modify a LINT which I am using to control a MSG block. The MOV command doesn't support a LINT. How do I get the PLC to modify the LINT? Thanks!
  4. OMRON PLC with Modbus TCP/IP

    Hello  Has anyone got an Omron PLC running with Modbus TCP/IP? If so was it difficult? I'm thinking of using this PLC as it has Ethernet/IP as well. Thanks!
  5. OMRON PLC with Modbus TCP/IP

    Hello  Has anyone got an Omron PLC running with Modbus TCP/IP? If so was it difficult? Thanks!
  6. Thanks guys. I've made some progress with the Siemens PLC.  I might try and get that working, rather than buying a new PLC.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I have an Allen-Bradley PLC and a Siemens PLC.  I have tried using them both to connect to the Modbus TCP/IP module, but with the AB Modbus TCP/IP code after modifying it. I get 200 errors and the Siemens doesn't look like it supports it properly (no memory type for the TCP connection). Basically I was wondering if Schneider PLCs are easy to get the Modbus TCP/IP working.  Have either of you sent commands of Modbus TCP/IP and how hard was it?  
  8. Hello I need to use Modbus TCP/IP to control drive, at the moment I am trying to use Siemens.  I was wondering if it would be easier to use a Schneider, their website says the communications are TCP/IP.  Not sure if they mean Modbus TCP/IP.   I will only use a Schneider if it natively supports Modbus TCP/IP. I found this picture. Which would suggest it does.
  9. It's the same amount of info for Profinet, just one line.  I found the advanced user guide, which I have attached. See page 37. For profinet I did lots of googling, I did nearly everything that the examples showed. But it still didn't work.  What you need to do is write the input data to a memory address (with the MOV instruction) then put the memory address to the inputs of the RDREC/WRREC block. P2 Advanced User Guide Rev 1.20.pdf
  10. There isn't a ethernet/IP manual for the drive.  It is literally the line I quoted. That is all.  It's a P2. I used 'CIP generic' and 'Get Attribute single'. But my Class was A2, instance was the parameter number I wanted to read and Attribute was 5.
  11. I did it, you need to go into controller tags on the left hand side and add a Tag for the parameter you want to modify. Make the data type 'MESSAGE' It then comes up with all the Mnemonics.  But I think you don't need to touch any of them, not sure. Add a MSG instruction and assign the message tag you made in controller tags, Then click on the button to the side of it. Then follow this video. Cheers for your help guys
  12. Do you have any idea how to setup a MSG instruction?  I have a good idea of what to put in all the Mnemonics.  But where the hell do I put the Mnemonics? I understand that they are some sort of tag.
  13. I am using an anybus M30 module plugged into an Invertek drive. I will write the code so it only reads/writes once when a input goes high.  Page 181 of the manual bellow seems to give the information on how to set it up.  Where do I put the 'Mnemonic'?
  14. Hi I have setup cyclic messaging of the drive which controls the basics.  Now I need to read and write the parameters. Which instruction do I use?  The drive manual says: In siemens PLC with Profinet I used the RDREC and the WRREC instructions. Any help would be great.
  15. So the EDS file was wrong and now I have the input and output words when setting the destination.  Also changed the timing to 50ms.  Not sure if that helped.